GET SHIT DONE | fivethreeninety

I am a HUGE time waster. I put off everything from getting out of bed to unpacking from Christmas and it’s so frustrating because I don’t know why I don’t do the stuff I need to get done!

It took me over two years to get round to kickstarting this whole project and I’m going to have to learn to get accustomed to be constantly working on material to put on this blog and my YouTube.

I’m writing about this tonight because long story short, I was locked out for an hour this morning and where I will admit I did just sit down and accept my fate for a good quarter of an hour, I then decided to use the time to do some stuff I was putting off. In the forty five minutes until I was finally let in, I did these things:

• re-laced my boots
• plucked my eyebrows
• responded to my Mum’s draw something
• caught up on Kim Kardashian Hollywood
• painted my nails
• did my squats
• did a thigh workout on the stairs
• called through the letter box to be let in & smudged my new nails
• repainted my nails

This doesn’t actually look like much and this is a really weird way of trying to get a point across, but what I’m trying to say is once you actually start what you’re putting off it’s tons easier to complete, and takes heaps of stress off you too. Whether it’s homework or writing that screenplay you’re hesitating to do (oops), it really isn’t as huge a task as it seems. And you can find the time: I’m writing this blog post on the bus home right now.

Don’t get me wrong, because I adore those days of lazing in pyjamas and doing nothing but eating and watching films, but you only really need twenty minutes to do something properly productive – and that’s only the time of one episode of Friends.

This blog post has been a whole journey of realisation for me, so I hope you get even a small bit of motivation to do whatever it is that you’re putting off too.


Published on Tumblr Monday 18th January 2016


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