HELLO WORDPRESS | fivethreeninety

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On Tuesday 12th January, I launched fivethreeninety. It’s a project of mine that forms of both a YouTube channel and blog, where I’m sharing my thoughts and ventures into working my way into the film industry – eep.

I’ve been running the fivethreeninety blog for just over a week now on tumblr, but am already learning and having to make decisions about where’s next for it. I used Tumblr as a platform to start my blog because I was familiar with it and my decision to start a blog was a very quick one so I went with whatever was easiest.

Since then I received an email from  Wordpress about it being the one year anniversary of my blog – under the name fivethreeninety (I’ve been trying to start this for years guys). I’ve never posted on here, but had a few drafts saved that I’m very glad didn’t make it into the public eye they’re so embarrassing.

I actually prefer way WordPress as a blogging platform, so I’ve made the executive decision to move over here immediately, and am going to upload a backlog of the small number of blogposts I’ve already published on Tumblr to catch up.
I’ll still be using the tumblr for fivethreeninety, but as more of a social media for the whole project, so I’ll be posting photos of work I’m doing as well as links to videos and blog posts which will be on WordPress from now on.

Thanks for sticking by me through my trial period on tumblr, but I’m going to look way more official now.



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