BEST AWARDS SEASON LOOKS | fivethreeninety 

Awards season ended on a huge high last night as Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY won an Oscar after being nominated six times throughout his career. I’m also ecstatic that Brie Larson won Best Actress, and she looked amazing doing so – which leads me onto the main topic for today. Ever since I can remember I’ve […]


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OSCARS 2016 | fivethreeninety

Okay – this is going to be a long one. But a GOOD one, promise. It’s Oscars day! Finally the most prestigious film awards ceremony is here again (actually this post has taken so long to finish I think the red carpet has already started). This year has seen some amazing films and stunning performances […]

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DEADPOOL: REVIEW | fivethreeninety

I have been looking forward to this film for AGES. And it did not disappoint. Warning for those who haven’t seen it – this contains some tiny spoilers (but not many).  The fan favourite Marvel comics character Deadpool has finally been given his own stand alone film, and his character is perfectly true to the comics. The […]

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MY NINETEENTH | fivethreeninety

Sunday was my nineteenth birthday! This was my first adult birthday except for the big eighteen, which meant that barely any of my friends were home for it with them all being off at uni or other such places. So today’s blog post is kind of like a little update to share my birthday with everyone […]

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