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Tonight the reboot of the cult classic X-Files began to air in the UK. And it was SO GOOD.

I haven’t actually seen the original series since I was probably two or three, and therefore my most memorable recollection of the show is the crossover featured on The Simpsons. I do know the iconic theme tune, the whole Mulder believes/ Scully’s a sceptic premise, and the fact that Mitch Pildggi was a badass in it. My Mum however is a massive fan, and used to host weekly viewing parties back when the original series aired between 1993 and 2003.

So with the two of us on opposing ends of being a fan I’m pretty confident this can be a fair review.

The Simpsons ep. 163 ‘The Springfield Files’

The series jumps straight into it, but at the same time doesn’t make it feel at all rushed. There’s a short and simple recap that enables new viewers to easily understand the premise of the show, and to refresh old fans’ memories. The episode also features a character who claims to be able to read minds (or something like it), and her analysis of Scully gives a lot of backstory as well.

The excitement is enough to entice without going over the top, though there is a big old alien in the first ten minutes, and an man made, invisible spaceship later on.

Both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are amazing and seamless in reprising their infamous roles – both still gorgeous and looking exactly the same. The character’s polar opposites easily have the opportunity to be stereotypical and rubbish but they continue to be complex and interesting characters, not two dimensional at all. And yes, Mitch Pileggi was a badass as Walter Skinner.


The first episode, whilst being fresh enough for new audiences, also featured links from the original series such as the revisiting of a girl who had once been a case for Mulder and Scully, who now an adult is still experiencing the same extraterrestrial problems. The end of the episode also revealed the infamous antagonist ‘Cigarette Smoking Man’ alive in the present day, hearing the news that the X-Files has been re-opened. Commonly ranked as one of the nastiest villains of all time, the Cigarette Smoking Man was ranked #21 out of 60 in TV Guide’s 2013 list of the same name, it’s very exciting that he’s back.

The only complaint my mum had was that it was a little bit overly government conspiracy instead of alien conspiracy – something she admits was bound to happen at some point in the series but felt it was a little bit a jump for the new series. Other than that though, this seems like it’ll be a fun reboot that’s true to the series as well as bringing a fresh take on it.

I have high hope for this series reboot, and am looking forward to watching every week. Because oh my how can you not love a show with that theme?

The X Files is showing on Mondays at 9pm on Channel 5.


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