So the BAFTAs are this Sunday, and I’m very excited. The BAFTAs are often seen as the most prestigious awards ceremony after the Oscars, and are also regarded as the most similar to the Academy Awards.

As the awards ceremony falls around my birthday, for the past two years I’ve gone to the red carpet and watched as all the stars walked into the Royal Opera House for the awards the past two years. I won’t be going this year however, as the event is on my actual birthday and I didn’t really fancy rolling in my nineteenth queuing up and crammed with fifty people in the cold for a day.


Two years ago I attended my first BAFTA red carpet with my mum, my sister and my best friend Tom. We didn’t really know what we were doing, so ended up on the road opposite to the red carpet, right on the other side of where all the cars stopped and the stars got out. This meant that we only saw people walk away from us, and the only attendee who came over to see us was Sam Claflin – who was very lovely. Still, I had the most surreal time, seeing people like Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio and Oprah Winfrey amongst many others. The best thing from this year was from my mum though – at the start of the day, she went to put her coffee cup in the bin, only to find a discarded piece of rolled up red carpet propped up next to it. She swiped it for me, and it’s been in my room ever since. I keep all my fancy shoes on it.

Me at the 2014 BAFTA red carpet


The following year saw me only return with my friend Tom. This year, we did our research and knew how to prepare, and went to London a day early to queue for three hours to get our wristband that allowed us onto the red carpet fan area. We made friends with the lovely Amy who was on her own, and were right on the side of the red carpet way up, right opposite the Buzzfeed reporters. Amy was a godsend to us, and after getting to the barrier with our autograph book got a whole range of people to sign for me, including Steve Carrel, Douglas Booth, Felicity Jones, Henry Cavill, Ralph Fiennes, Eddie Redmayne and more. In fact, you can even see Eddie Redmayne signing for us in my first YouTube video. We saw so many amazing people and it was such a surreal experience. Next year I will be going again (hopefully), and I’ll make sure I’m the one at the barrier so I can get some selfies.


Steve Carrel at the 2015 BAFTAs, where he was nominated for his role in Foxcatcher


My predictions for 2016 BAFTAs:
(note: this doesn’t include all 
categories, as I felt I couldn’t judge a few having seen none of the nominations)

Adapted Screenplay in 2016: Room

Animated Film in 2016: Inside Out

British Short Animation in 2016: 

Cinematography in 2016: The Revenant

Costume Design in 2016 : Cinderella

Director in 2016: Ridley Scott for The Martian

Documentary in 2016: Amy

EE Rising Star in 2016: John Boyega

Editing in 2016: The Martian

Film in 2016: Spotlight

Leading Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leading Actress: Brie Larson

Make-Up and Hair in 2016: Jan Sewell for The Danish Girl

Original Music in 2016: John Williams for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Original Screenplay: The Hateful Eight

Outstanding British Film in 2016: Brooklyn

Outstanding Debut by a British Write, Director or Producer in 2016: Alex Garland for Ex Machina

Production Design: Rick Carter, Darren Gilford and Lee Sandales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Sound in 2016: Lon Bender, Chris Duesterdiek, Martin Hernandez, Frank A. Montaño, Jon Taylor, Randy Thom for The Revenant

Special Visual Effects in 2016: Chris Lawrence, Tim Ledbury, Richard Stammers, Steven Warner for The Martian

Supporting Actor in 2016: Idris Elba

Supporting Actress in 2016: Kate Winslet for Steve Jobs


Although I won’t be by the red carpet this year, I am spending my birthday in London, so i probably will be stopping by in the day to see the setup. Just so I keep up my streak at least.



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