BAD DRIVERS IN FILM & TV | fivethreeninety 

I failed my driving test yesterday. I’m not ashamed because hey, it happens, and other than a little hesitance my test was pretty perfect except for the one move I messed up on to cause me to fail. Honestly I thought it would be my parallel parking that took me out but even that went ace.

So in honour of failing, here’s a list of characters from film and tv who suck at driving:

Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars


Other than being v pretentious & v heartbreaking, one of Gus’s main character tropes is being a bad driver. He only passed his test because the examiner felt guilty he had a terminal disease – “cancer perk” as he calls it.

Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer


As she herself puts it “Cars and Buffy are, like… un-mixy things”. This is particularly evident in the season three episode ‘Band Candy’, where her mother (under the effects of a spell) let’s her drive the car for the night. She gives her Principal a ride – long story – and he gives the iconic quote: “Woah Summers you drive like a spaz!”. The quote was even repeated a decade later in the season 8 comic series. Whilst driving, Buffy gets in a crash and wrecks the car. She never drives again.

Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers


Even if you haven’t seen Bob’s Burgers (and you should) you have to watch this clip of Bob letting his daughter Tina drive in an almost empty parking lot for the first time. It’s v relatable.

Ray Bronson in I Know What You Did Last Summer


I’m sure he’s usually a very good driver, but hitting a guy, covering up the murder with your friends and then having to run from a guy looking for revenge & murdering said friends isn’t an ideal situation.

James Bond in Any 007 Film


Yes he’s very good in car chase scenes & has had an abundance of cool gadgets attached to these cars – but he blows them all up? The latest film, Spectre even spent £24 million blowing up seven Aston Martins. I get that he’s a cool spy with a massive budget but they’re such beautiful cars and someone really needs to talk to him about it. That one from Skyfall that got shot to pieces… I still mourn. And I’m not even much of a car person.


So that’s my short list of bad drivers. I’m sure there’s tons more but this is a quick post to console me. I failed my test, but at least I didn’t hit a fisherman.


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