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Awards season ended on a huge high last night as Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY won an Oscar after being nominated six times throughout his career. I’m also ecstatic that Brie Larson won Best Actress, and she looked amazing doing so – which leads me onto the main topic for today.

Ever since I can remember I’ve woken up the day after the Oscars & made it my priority to find out a) who won b) what they wore. I used to rip the photos out of newspapers & magazines, or print them off & decide my favourites. It’s a massive dream of mine to walk these red carpets some day so to me it all counted as research for when my time came.

So I’ve gathered my top three favourite looks from each major awards ceremony this year for you to see now.


Brie Larson 

This is the first of many appearances of Brie on this post. Her Golden Globes dress is maybe my favourite look of all, 


Lady Gaga

She’s come so far since the days of the meat dress. Lady Gaga has been absolute Marilyn Monroe reincarnated at every event whilst still maintaining her signature stand out style and this structured black dress is unbelievable.


Laverne Cox

In this dress, Laverne looks like the person who would greet you at the gates of Heaven. Where do I even start? She’s a goddess.



Gemma Chan

I’m so in love with Gemma Chan, and I’m so tempted to print this & frame it. She’s so incredible. So talented. So sparkly.


Dakota Johnson

While the little black dress is a classic, you really can’t beat the long red one. I adore Dakota’s spaghetti strap, floaty one  & the simplicity of pairing it with loose hair & red lips is effortless.


Alicia Vikander

Okay so the edges look a little tinsel-y but holy crap she looks like she could punch me in the face and I love it. This look works so well on the sweet woman from The Danish Girl & she looks stunning.



Brie Larson

Continuing the trend of dressing to match the award from that ceremony, Brie stuns in the unusual blue number. It’s cut so beautifully that it doesn’t look like Ariel’s cloth & rope dress from The Little Mermaid and she wears it SO WELL.


Rachel McAdams

 It really is about time Rachel got recognition for her acting, and she’s definitely making sure she’s turning heads at all the events too. This black lacy number is jaw dropping.


Laverne Cox

Could Laverne Cox be any more stunning? She just radiates elegance & is an absolute queen of our generation. Bow down.  



Rachel McAdams

After her highly acclaimed role in spotlight Rachel has been slaying  every event this year – but this is my favourite of them all. This whole look is just so easy but stunning I don’t even know wher ther to start at the lips or the lack of jewellery.


Aya Cash

I have to admit – I always liked the idea of women wearing suits on the red carpets but I rarely see any pulled off that I actually like. That’s why I’m including Aya Cash here – the loose jacket & the cute bow (along with those amazing shoes) make this bloody stunning.


Krysten Ritter

First word that comes to mind is mesmerising, which would make me sounds like some Ernest Hemingway type if it wasn’t true. 



Brie Larson

 Brie yet again proves she’s basically a Disney princess in this icy blue jewel-y dress. Absolute props to her stylist for creating such an angel.


Lauren Cohan

I love this look so much oh my. What I like about Lauren Cohan is that she is totally herself with everything she wears. This two piece with long dangly earrings & her short hair messed up works so well I shed a tear.

Rami Malek

I was meaning for this to be just about the dresses, but Rami Malek just looked so damn good I had to put him on the list (and not just because I love Night at the a Museum). He’s so effortlessly stylish 



Saoirse Ronan

As @LaurenCollins put it on Twitter, this is “The perfect “I know I’m not winning but you better believe you’ll be talking about me tomorrow” dress”. Couldn’t put it better really.


Margot Robbie

I think my favourite thing about this outfit is how happy and comfortable Margot actually looks in it. She looks like an Oscar herself and is an absolute goddess.


Brie Larson

Brie was the woman of the awards season, and her grand finale before winning Best Actress at the 88th Academy Awards in Gucci was stunning. She’s elegant but youthful & fun it’s exactly why I love her.


Obviously the most important part of the awards seasons is the celebration of amazing work in the film industry, but if you can look amazing whilst doing that then what else could be better.


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