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It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK, and after a long day of treating my Mum like the Queen she is we’ve all crashed in the living room in front of the TV for a movie night; as per most of our evenings. And if you’re American, don’t panic – you’ve got another two months till your time to be the best offspring comes around.


My Mum brought me up on a lot of very brilliant television shows. I used to watch The Simpsons all the time as a toddler, always demanding “the one with the rhinos” and always being scared of their Halloween specials. Aged four, I watched my first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my cousin was a huge fan) and it didn’t take long before me, my mum and my sister started binge-watching the show which totally shaped my life.

Especially as my family has got older and busier, it’s hard to arrange all our schedules to be able to spend time together. Which means when we do have the time, we’re all so exhausted to do anything but collapse on the sofa. Watching TV shows together has always been our thing, and we’ve got through a lot of them – so here’s a list of who I think are the best Mother’s to grace television screens in modern history.


Top 5 TV Mums

Number 5 
Marge Simpson
The Simpsons

How could I not include Marge in this list when she’s the mother from one of the world’s most famous families? With her iconic blue hair and raspy voice I don’t think there’s many people who don’t know who she is. Despite all her mad moments and questionable choices, she has always been nothing but a loving and supportive mother to her three children Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Number 4
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
Modern Family


Oh my goodness I love Gloria SO. MUCH. Sofia Vergara is bloody genius as the feisty Columbian married to Jay Prichett, and though about twenty five years her senior, they’re totes couple goals. She’s a fiercely protective mother to Manny, her smart and mature son from before Jay, and also Joe, her young son with Jay. She’s had a rough life after growing up in a village she says is “famous for all the murders” in Columbia but she’s now a loving family member and possibly the funniest character on the show.

Number 3
Lucille Bluth
Arrested Development


Lucille is iconic. Mother to five dysfunctional children and grandmother to two, this outspoken alcoholic is actually hilarious. She’s so, so bad – constantly choosing favourite children, forgetting some and over-babying others. She’s rude, offensive and high maintenance, and is constantly making awful decisions. Her worst example of this is probably being adopting a Korean child she names Annyong in order to look sympathetic to the Securities and Exchange Commission. She later gets bored of using him as a fashion accessory and sends him away to school – but he’s later seen hiding in the walls of her son’s house.
She’s bloody brilliant.

Number 2
Lorelai Gilmore
Gilmore Girls


‘Life’s short talk fast’ was the tagline for the for the hit show created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, and boy did Lorelai bring that line justice. After a teen pregnancy where she was kicked out of her parent’s home, she worked her way up to be a successful business woman with an incredibly close relationship with her daughter Rory. She’s smart, funny, loyal, caring and totally reliant on coffee, and is truly one of the greatest characters of all time, let alone mothers.
And there’s a Netflix reboot coming our way very soon…

Number 1
Joyce Summers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Joyce is the most amazing mother. After a failed marriage and her only child being kicked out of school she uproots her entire life to create a new start for her and her daughter, Buffy. Though she does love Buffy, she does struggle with her troublemaking a lot until she finds out that she’s a Vampire Slayer – which is all a huge metaphor for coming out to your parents as gay by the way. She eventually takes it all in her stride and becomes even more caring, understanding and supportive. Joyce also acts mother to Buffy’s closest friends – all of whom have pretty shitty parents.

Favourite IRL Mum

This blog post is of course dedicated to my wonderful mum, Netta. She’s the strongest and most brilliant lady I know and has raised me and my sister amazingly. This is the woman who has made me endless fancy dress costumes, the one who couldn’t afford a furby when I wanted one aged three but gave me one for my eighteenth, and the one who has supported every one of my dreams. She’s the best mum and one of my best friends too.


Happy Mother’s Day Mum, I love you and you’re my favourite person in the whole wide field.


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