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Happy Easter!

I don’t know what Easter means to you individually or if and how you celebrate it, but I’m pretty sure all can admit you can’t not enjoy a film with a good bunny.

To me, Easter has always been about family. It’s especially more important now that my family is all growing up and creating there own lives, therefore giving us less opportunities to spend time together. So even if the holiday has evolved to be less and less about Jesus, I really love that it still gives the chance to family to have fun together.

The thing that my entire family loves to do together is watch films together, so today I’ve compiled a list of films featuring rabbits – how Easter-y (but I’m still not sure why).

I’m fully aware that I’m posting this pretty late on for you to watch any of these films on actual Easter day – but what else is Easter Monday for than a lazy bank holiday film day?

Watership Down


I mean it’s good. It’s cute. And the animation is stunning. But holy cow it’s hard to watch – but that does mean you have to see it at least once because it’s such a beautiful story.

Where to watch: Available on DVD

Who Framed Roger Rabbit


When I was younger, my family used to collect the Listen and Read tape cassette tape and story book packs to listen to and read along with on our many car journeys. By far my favourite was Roger Rabbit, because I loved the film. It astonished me and so many others how it spliced real life and animation together so seamlessly to create the crazy heroes and villains around the town of Toonsville. It’s a classic for all ages, even if Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom is terrifying. And Jessica Rabbit is goddess.

Where to watch: available on DVD.

Donnie Darko


Jake Gyllenhaal stuns in the film that made him a star, as a troubled teenage who’s told by a creature in a monstrous rabbit costume (who introduces himself as “Frank”) and tells him that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. It’s clever and a bit of a cult classic, and even sparked a new brand of film genre.

Where to watch: available on DVD, and streaming sites Netflix & Hulu

Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit


I loved this film so, so much when I was younger. I just think there’s something so special about Aardman animations, and you can really see the hand made care that goes into each and every single frame. This big screen revival of the beloved Wallace & Gromit characters was a huge success, with loads of hidden references and jokes that you can appreciate more as an adult.

Where to watch: available on DVD and Netflix



The original heart wrenching Disney classic is a favourite of many for a good reason. It’s a really bittersweet story with really lovely moments, and a brilliant best friend in the shape of bunny Thumper who’s comical and strong minded personality helps evolve Bambi’s character himself. And he’s so cute.

Where to watch: available on DVD and Disney streaming.



Disney’s latest independent film is BRILLIANT. It’s about a world where mammals have evolved to drop their wild and ‘savage’ behaviour to live harmoniously in the world, and a bunny who surpasses all expectations to become the first rabbit police officer – and then prove herself to the huge city of Zootropolis.
It’s such a good film, about following your dreams, working for what’s right and surpassing prejudices. Go see it.

Where to watch: in cinemas worldwide

So enjoy the holiday, spend time with your family and watch some fun films whilst stuffing yourself with chocolate. You deserve it.


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