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It’s May. And it’s been a long old while since I last posted anything.

Admittedly, I’ve had a really off couple of months. I wrote about being ill back in March & up until last week I was spending all of my time at home alone in my pyjama’s waiting to get better – don’t worry though, I am now on the road to recovery & it’s nothing serious anyway. But understandably, isolation and lying around all day every day got very old very fast and I just wasn’t really feeling very fab or ready to blog at all, despite how much I’ve been loving doing all this.

Back when I started this blog I had so many things to write about, and I was making myself post something five days a week. It’s nice that I was so excited then but I’m now going to settle for a more manageable three posts a week! I’ve also got some YouTube plans set in motion too & those will hopefully be coming a lot sooner than you think.

I did want to say a big thank you to some people, including Ryan, Tom & the Twitter account @NewsOfTheDead for all sharing my last post, which was a big old review of the latest season of The Walking Dead. It was especially due to the News of the Dead account that caused me to get a mass amount of traffic to this blog after they tweeted a link to my post to their staggering 156.7k followers! The post gained 100+ views by the end of the day & I’m still so stunned & so grateful so thank you so much to everyone who visited to give it a read.


I’m actually in London for the time being, staying with cousin for a change of scenery. I’m enjoying myself quite a lot, trying to move on, get stuff done and even do some exercise. It’s all very crazy and I’m very grateful to my wonderful cousin Ellie for everything she’s doing for me – including encouraging me to get some blog posts up.

To get back into the flow of my blog, I’ve compiled a list of film series comebacks as a big old comparison to my comeback to fivethreeninety. I know that i’ve only been gone a month and the biggest time gap for these films is sixty five years but we all know I’m dramatic so let’s just get on with it:

Especially over the last couple of years it’s definitely become a trend in cinema and television to revive old favourites. This list I’ve put together is only a handful of those comebacks, but I’m sure you’ll love them anyway.

2 years
After the tv show Firefly was infamously cancelled back in 2003, there was a massive outcry from the fans and creators alike who protested

Star Wars
33 years
(since the original trilogy. 10 years since the prequels)
I think this is maybe the most successful comeback of all time? When The Force Awakens hit cinemas at the end of 2015 the world went Star Wars crazy again, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jurassic World
14 years
While the second and third Jurassic Park films from the original trilogy are… watchable, neither quite lived unto the original classic. Despite not featuring Jeff Goldblum, 
Jurassic World redeemed the franchise with a really really brilliant film that despite it’s errors, was so enjoyable and amazing to watch. And not just to see Chris Pratt on a motorcycle riding with Velociraptors.

10 Cloverfield Lane
8 years
I think it’s safe to say everyone was really surprised when the first trailer hit for the sort of sequel to the 2008 alien disaster film quite a few years later. I actually really loved the original Cloverfield, and was really really excited to see this different side and another story to it all. Sneaky preview for you here: review coming of this film soon.  

Independence Day
20 years
I am so, so, so looking forward to the revival of Independence Day this summer. Oh my. The original is so brilliant, but when you have a combo like Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith facing off out of space aliens then it’s going to be good. The speech from the president in the first film is so powerful and so iconic that I’m adamant it should be taught in schools, so I was very happy that they put it in the trailer for the new film.

Space Jam 2
21 years

Scream 4
11 years
I’m a big old fan of the Scream franchise, but the fourth one is the second best one after the original. It was just actually a really good film, which could debabtly not be said about the second and third ones from previous years…

The Jungle Book
49 years 
The original Disney classic is close to so many people’s hearts, and the new live action remake is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It’s the first film in a long time that’s made me forget that it’s all CGI, and made me fall totally in love with the characters. Review coming of this too probably.

55 years
Hey – this was so good! Angelina Jolie showing us that one of the most awful “villain”‘s of Disney is actually very human was a really brilliant moment, and was one of the kick-starters for the Disney comeback movement. It’s also now on Netflix so go watch it now.

65 years
I was very wary of how they were going to do this. The original Cinderella is one of the most iconic Princesses of all time, but Disney pulled this off so beautifully that it was impossible not to enjoy. The costumes are also stunning. And Lily James is perfect.

Alice in Wonderland 
59 years
Tim Burton’s CGI extravaganza brought a new life and new story to the Alice in Wonderland film that Disney made in the Golden Age of cinema. It took more from the original books by Lewis Carrol, and now it’s making a second comeback with a sequel coming out this summer, six years after the first.

32 years
(ignoring the sequel)
This isn’t just a comeback of one of the greatest films of all time. It’s an ALL FEMALE CAST comeback. And I cannot wait.

27 years
I don’t know about you, but the original animated BFG film was a pinnacle part of my childhood. So to know that a live action version is coming in just a few months is almost too much to cope with. I just hope they included the whizz-pop song.

Finding Nemo
13 years
I have only ever met two people who did not enjoy Finding Nemo, and neither have remained my friends. The Disney Pixar original film was absolutely beautiful with so many glorious characters  – and it’s only right they give a whole film to everyone’s favourite short-term memory fish Dory, which is coming out this summer. I just really, really hope this one is good.

Pete’s Dragon
39 years
I find this one a bit of an unusual one to do to be honest, but nevertheless I am looking forward to it. The original Disney animation is one of my Mum’s favourites, so a live action one is certainly promising.

Bridget Jones’s Diary
12 years
Everyone thought that Bridget Jones’ had been and gone with her calorie counting, smoking and boy fights long behind her. But after Helen Fielding released a third book about everyone’s favourite Ben & Jerry’s lover, speculation grew that a film would join… which it eventually has in the form of Bridget Jones’ Baby which is coming out this summer.

28 years
(since the start of the show)

The Rock. And Zac Efron. And some badass women. Doing that run down the beach, in a cinema near you next year. Need I say more?

The X Files
24 years
(since the show started)
The X-Files hardly needs an introduction. It’s an absolute cult classic, with a massive fan base and admired by viewers all over the world. So when Mulder and Scully came back this year it was very, very exciting.

12 years
We should really all pretend that the 2003 film starring Ben Affleck never happened because the Netflix revival is amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of it. Just go watch it all now and fall in love with Charlie Cox.

Doctor Who
42 years
(since the start of the show)
I remember that fateful day back in 2005 when I joined my family to get in front of the tv and watch Rose, the first episode of the Doctor Who revival. And it was flawless. The show became so many people’s essential Saturday night viewing – we even used to take a break during parties to all sit and watch it. It’s since deteriorated a lot, so I’m kind of hoping they stop, then wait a few year to revive it AGAIN back at that excellent standard that Russell T. Davis had. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
41 years
Absolute cult classic. It’s too iconic for words really. And it’s coming back this year, in a made for tv film starring Orange is the New Black’s Laverne Cox as the one and only Dr Frank-N-Furter. 

So that’s that. This list includes a lot of films to get excited about too – so get saving up for cinema tickets. And get prepared for more regular content from me too! Thank you to everyone for being patient with me and I hope you enjoy my comeback as much as you enjoyed the Star Wars revival. As Bender from Futurama would say – I’m back baby.


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