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Yesterday was one year since my boyfriend & I met. It’s been a crazy up & down year for me but he’s been there every step of the way to hold my hand & make me feel better, and I couldn’t be happier. Luckily for me, he’s a big film lover too; so today I present you with a year of films from me & Jamie. They’re all films we’ve watched together & narrowing down the list from the millions of ones we’ve seen together was hard so I hope you enjoy this final selection

The Maze Runner

This was the very first film we ever watched together & even though Jamie spoiled it for me about three minutes in by telling me who died I thought it was amazing. Even if I am still annoyed that he spoiled it.


We sat & watched this film in total silence & didn’t even speak for a while once it was over. It’s one of those films that makes you fall in love with cinema & it really is just so beautiful in every way. Just see it. Really. It’s just really good. 

21 & Over

When the trailer for this came out I remember watching it so many times because I thought it looked so good. I also watched a documentary on Netflix about twins who found each other from across the world because one was an actress – and has a small part in this film. But despite these two things I never actually watched it until recently & I giggled so much. It’s one of those films that tricks you into thinking it’s nothing but jokes & guys being guys at college but it’s actually got so much heart to it as well. 

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I love this film with all my heart & knew it would be something that Jamie would love too. It stars & is directed by Ben Stiller & is just the most beautiful film about taking chances & living life & it’s so  so so nice I’m sure I’ve talked about this film on my blog before. Even if the villain is Ben Wyatt.

Paranormal Activity

One of the biggest things I need to know in any friendship with me is how you feel about the Paranormal Activity films, because they scare the hell out of me & I love them. So I was SO HAPPY when Jamie turned out to be exactly the same & we sat & marathoned through every film as well as the spin off, & even saw the latest one in the cinema & screamed at every one. The sequels are all actually so good as well, it’s such a solid but simple story arch that it doesn’t seem like they’re just thinking up stuff to keep making money from the franchise. 

Ten Inch Hero

The first time we ever talked to each other it was because of the tv show supernatural, which we’re both massive fans of. So I had to show Jamie this film starring Jensen Ackles & his now wife because it’s so stupid it’s brilliant & funny & it just makes you so happy. At least it makes me happy. I’m not sure Jamie saw past the stupid.

The Witch 

If you know me or are a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know Jamie was away for three months training to be a Dive Master in Thailand, & this was the only film we agreed we’d wait to see together when he got back. And it was worth the wait because jeeez it was creepy. 

The Cat in the Hat

This was actually the first film we watched together once Jamie returned from Thailand & wow what a hoot we had. You know how children’s films have to have some sneaky adult humour in them so they parents actually enjoy watching it too? Well this film is nothing but that, & that’s exactly why you should watch it. It’s also v quotable & features some amazing songs.

Legally Blonde

When Jamie agreed to watch this with me one night on Netflix I was so surprised & SO EXCITED. I love this film so much & so did Jamie & we had the best time ever we learnt so much & giggled a lot. This film is a right of passage & if haven’t seen it, then you need to change that immediately. 

Green Inferno

This was Jamie’s bright idea for us to watch. It’s about a bunch of student’s whose plane crashes in the Amazon & are taken hostage by a tribe of cannibals. It’s not fun. And the kid from Spy Kids is in it. And it also features FGM. This was the film that made me vow to never watch an Eli Roth film again.

Absolutely Anything 

This film was SO LOVELY. Basically Simon Pegg gets magic powers from the Monty Python guys who are aliens & then makes his dog talk with Robin Williams voice. It’s so silly & so lovely & we still shout “SHAG HER NEIL” at each other months on.


This is mostly here because how couldn’t I include it? I had a HUGE twilight phase when I was younger & so Jamie texts me every time one of the films is showing on tv. And then we watch it together with me texting him all the stupid twilight facts I know that are relevant to the scenes. And if that isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

This is obviously dedicated to Jamie. He’s been my one constant in a wild year & I’ll forever feel lucky for knowing him. 


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