KIM VS TAYLOR | fivethreeninety

If you were anywhere online yesterday, you will have heard about Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian. While I do think that it was time Taylor got called out on her agenda, it sparked a huge debate on Twitter that everyone is still weighing in on. Kim snapchatted the videos & then moved on to tweet some fans about her hair or her show & left it at that. Taylor issued a response which she posted on Twitter & Instagram. But then so many other people in the public eye got involved & it turned into the girl fight from Mean Girls – & that is what disappointed me. It Chloe Moretz vs Khloe Kardashian with Ruby Rose defending, Selena Gomez versus a LA Times journalist calling her out, & everyone versus everyone picking either Team Kim or Team Taylor. 

Then there was Leslie Jones, comedian & Ghostbusters star who was bullied off of Twitter by racist, sexist, hateful fans. Though many females in the public eye have since spoken their support for her, none of her co-stars from the all female cast publicly stood up for her.

That’s just two stories from the last day – but it happens constantly. We’re still struggling in a world where women are pitted against each other constantly, in cat fights, rivalries & “who wore it better”s. Everything is a massive war & I’m not the only one who’s fed up with it.
The stigma that girls can’t not be bitchy towards each other is ridiculous, & just fuels sexist stereotypes about women. But because it’s such a publicly distributed & even sold idea, it seems like many women feel that if they live according to this notion they’ll be more accepted. And I don’t necessarily blame them; the want to be accepted is human nature & this is the way the world is telling you you will be. 

I’m not the only one who’s tired of drama between women, from gossip to ‘frenemies’ & snakey friends. Between people you know it’s tough enough, but in the public eye it just teaches us that it’s acceptable. Which is why I want to talk about Lean In.

Lean In is a nonprofit organisation created by Sheryl Sandberg, & is dedicated to “offering women the ongoing inspiration and support to help them achieve their goals.” It’s campaign video featured Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, Megyn Kelly, Eva Longoria, Abby Wambach, Kerry Washington, Emma Watson, and Serena Williams, most who also spoke about the organisation on their social media too.

The organization offers educational resources and programming that encourages female leadership & friendship – all of which you can see on their website at

Although obviously it all applies to everyday relationships with friends & family, it’s so important to remember in the workplace, whatever career you’re in that you should support other women. 

This is just a little post but I really hope it spirals & inspires woman to work together. It’s especially important in this time where media outlets make big money by putting women against each other & its time to take a stand & make the change


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