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It’s August, which in my eyes has always been the official sign that summer is here. Growing up it’s the only month of the year you never have to experience in school, & my eyes that made it the best month of them all.

So, to get you in that summery mood, here’s a bunch of very good films all about summer. Whether they inspire you to go out & make your own adventures or just give you a list of movies to marathon through by yourself, I hope you love each & every one of them as much as I do.

The Way Way Back

This is without a doubt one of the best summer films ever, & I’ve put it first in the hopes that you’ll remember it because it is such an underated film. It’s about a fourteen year old boy who joins his mother (Toni Coletti) & her new boyfriend (Steve Carell) on summer vacation. It’s written & directed by Nat Faxon & Jim Rash & it’s just a really beautiful story about finding confidence within yourself – but it does make you hate Steve Carell, so be warned. It’s an all round brilliant cast so definitely make it a priority to see it soon.


High School Musical 2

How could I make a blog post about summer films & not include this? I remember when this first premiered on Disney Channel & when that countdown hit for the film to start it was the most exciting thing to ever happen to anyone in the big group of us that had gathered at my best friend’s house to watch it. It’s definitely the best film out of the HSM trilogy & it’s a fan classic, if only for Zac Efron’s STELLAR performance of the Bet on It on a golf course. Unmissable.

The Descendants

Taking your children on holiday to find their dying mother’s secret boyfriend may not sound like a fun premise for a film but trust me, it’s really good.
It’s based on the 2007 book by Kaui Hart Hemmings & was adapted for the film with a screenplay by screenplay by  Nat Faxon & Jim Rash – the same guys from The Way Way Back! I didn’t even realise that until writing this post but it makes me happy. Faxon & Rash are obviously a good summer film writing duo, because they also won an Academy Award  for Best Adapted Screenplay. The Descendants is comedic as well as touching, & perfectly captures what a huge mess life can be – even if you’re George Clooney.

Camp Takota

I love love love this film. It stars three YouTube creators: Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart & Hannah Hart, as three friends who reunite working at the summer camp they went to as kids. As someone who went to Guide camp annually for three years with my two best friends it’s really close to my heart – something I got to tell Mamrie Hart (who also wrote it) in person when I met her last year. We had big hugs over it & she called me adorable. But sentimentally aside, this is just a genuinely enjoyable & heartwarming film that is beautiful in every sense.

Little Miss Sunshine

This is a film about a big dysfunctional family taking a road trip across America so their young daughter can take part in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. And it’s one of my favourite films ever to have been made – it’s an amazing story with incredible acting & a beautiful soundtrack, that will make you cry one minute & laugh the next. The last time I watched this it took me three minutes fifty-eight seconds to start crying. And that was just because of Steve Carell’s face.

Super 8

I first watched this one New Year’s, had to pause it half way through to count in the New Year, & then went straight back to. It’s a science fiction film from J. J. Abrams & Steven Spielberg about a group of kids who are filming their own zombie movie over the summer when a train derails & brings something to their town. It’s such a brilliant film, so, so clever with a brilliant story & amazing acting from everyone involved.

Moonrise Kingdom

I only watched this film in the last year & I loved it. It’s a wonderful film by the brilliant Wes Anderson about a young girl & boy who meet by chance & decide to run away together on the small island they live on & cause the rest of islanders to create a mass search party to look for them. It’s such a beautiful & humorous film with really stunning cinematography & amazing debut performances from the two leading actors.

Mamma Mia

I’ve seen this film so many times that when I’m bored I can sit & watch it perfectly in my head. It’s based on the musical which is based on ABBA’s music & it just works so well. It’s about a young woman getting married in a summer wedding in Greece, & her search to discover who her father is. The story is hilarious, the music is amazing, the cinematography gorgeous & the whole cast is superb. Except for Pierce Brosnan’s singing – but that’s just part of the fun.

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is the summer romance film. A young woman on the cusp of university goes with her family to a holiday resort for the summer, & meets a dancer in need of a partner for a dance entertainment job he has. As her dancing improves & their chemistry develops, they decide to enter the resort’s talent show competition. It’s an absolute classic for a reason with iconic songs & an iconic dance. And Patrick Swayze will make you weak at the knees.

So those are my summery films. However they inspire you, they’ll definitely get you in a good August mood, even if it rains all month.


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