A TRIBUTE TO GENE WILDER | fivethreeninety 

Gene Wilder was an extraordinary man. He filled my childhood with endless rewatches of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory – especially when I had a role in my year six play adaptation. That year I watched him over & over again, & it only reminds me of a year spent putting together that production […]


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HOT FUZZ | fivethreeninety 

I’m at my Aunt & Uncle’s house in Somerset, in the tiny little city of Wells. I’m only here till tomorrow but it is one of my favourite places in the world so I’m happy I made it, because summer wouldn’t feel like summer if I didn’t visit. I have mentioned quite a lot on […]

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BEACH FILMS | fivethreeninety

I’m in Cornwall visiting family this week & I am loving spending time down on the beach. In my time here I’ve read one whole book, eaten five ice creams & watched my sister burn her back to a crisp (she’s so pink it’s unreal). Though in the UK our average summer temperature is a painful […]

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