MY 50 FAVOURITE CHARACTERS | fivethreeninety

Hey, so this is my fiftieth blog post! How crazy is that?

To celebrate, today I’m bringing to you fifty of my favourite characters from film & television (& one graphic novel that just couldn’t be left out). It was a suprisingly hard list to compile but I did it & I hope you enjoy.

There really is no order to this at all so don’t stress yourselves out thinking that I prefer a vampire slayer over a dinosaur because honestly, how could they ever compete.

1. Buffy Summers

Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar
In: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is one of the most iconic & influential characters ever to grace television & she will forever be my all time hero. She slays vampires with the wooden heel to her “stylish yet affordable” boots & still gets upset about breaking a nail between fights with literal & metaphorical demons. Buffy told me that strength & femininity aren’t mutually exclusive, & most importantly that you can persevere through anything.

2. Princess Ann

Played by: Audrey Hepburn
In: Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn’s breakout & Oscar winning role as this undercover Princess completely stole my heart. Ann is just a young girl who wants to live her life but was born into duties she can’t escape, but her playful & trusting nature will have her forever in my heart.

3.Holly Golightly

Played by: Audrey Hepburn
In: Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Holly Golightly is everyone’s favourite character I think. She’s a cult classic, brought to life from the book by Truman Capote gorgeously by Audrey Hepburn. The fashionable yet confused call girl is an icon in cinema & fashion & I love her completely.

4. Cecil Fredricks

Played by: Dick Van Dyke
In: Night at the Museum

This is one of those characters that would have been brilliant tegardless, but is just  made amazing by who played them. Dick Van Dyke is obviously an absolute legend & he plays this villain so well he’s one of my favourites. He’s also a massive inside joke between me & my sister so he will always always always make me very very happy.

 5. Cosmo Brown

Played by: Donald O’Connor
In: Singin’ in the Rain

I love this film so much, & Cosmo is the highlight as the underdog. In the very first scene the crowd are disappointed to see the not so famous Cosmo & that’s generally the reaction to him throughout, but he never lets it get him down & spends his life making other people happy – best seen in his infamous number Make ’em Laugh which is genius.

 6. Daphne/ Jerry

Played by: Jack Lemmon
In: Some Like it Hot

I wrote about Some Like it Hot in my last blog post, & Jack Lemmon is my favourite character in it for sure. He’s hilarious as bass player Jerry undercover as Daphne, living the lie so well he even gets overjoyed by a proposal.

 7. Maggie Greene

Played by: Lauren Cohan
In: The Walking Dead

Maggie is my go to character. She’s gone from sassy farm girl to deadly zombie slayer & her strong character & sense of leadership is honestly so touching. She’s lost everybody from her old live but has carried on to live a new life in the best way she can. How does someone look so cute covered in blood?

 8. Spike

Played by: James Marsters
In: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There are few people who have watched Buffy that don’t hold this character close to their heart. Originally intended to be a one off villain of the week, Spike developed to be one of the best characters of the show who even saved the world a bunch of times. One of the best character development arcs I’ve ever seen.

 9. Rey

Played by: Daisy Ridley
In: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There’s something about Rey that I really connect with & I’m not sure what it is, but I adore her. It’s her perseverance & her loyalty along with the strength she finds in herself in the first film of the new franchise that inspires me, & I think Daisy Ridley plays her gorgeously.

10.Dean Winchester

Played by: Jensen Ackles
In: Supernatural

As well as being handsome as ever, Dean Winchester is such a multi layered beautiful mess of a person. He’s manly on the outside but soft as his heart, & loves nobody more than he loves his brother. Dean taught me to stick close to my family & always fight for what’s right, even if that means making sacrifices.

11. Walter Mitty

Played by: Ben Stiller
In: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I’ve talked a lot about this film on my blog before, but Walter Mitty proves that you can follow your dreams, you can find it in yourself & you can do anything despite what you & anyone else thinks of you. The journey he goes on throughout this film is so inspiring & so touching, & I think everyone can see a bit of themselves in him.

12.Jane Porter

Voiced by: Minnie Driver
 In: Tarzan

When I was little I had my very own ‘Jane’ outfit that was basically just a yellow t-shirt & any longish skirt I could pair it with. Me & my sister adored Tarzan growing up & Jane was & still is one of the big highlights for me. She was brought up prim & proper only to (spoiler) throw it all away for the sake of adventure in the jungle & I LOVED it. Also she has amazing shoes.

13. Ahkmenrah

Played by: Rami Malek
In: Night at the Museum

Everyone knows how much I love Night at the Museum & absolutely at the centre of that story is Ahkmenrah – I mean it’s his tablet that brings the museum to life in the first place anyway. He spent hundreds of years alive & awake trapped in his tomb trying to escape until a night guard freed him, & then he was just the loveliest person ever. Plus he is gorgeous & wears a crown so, so well.

14.Glenn Rhee

Played by: Steven Yeun
In: The Walking Dead

Glenn is a sweetheart who doesn’t deserve anything bad ever in his whole life. He went from being a pizza delivery guy to being thrown into a zombie apocalypse where he’s not only proven himself as a leader & a fighter but has also found his true love. I just want him to be happy, & if he’s the one that’s been killed off on the show then I will scream for days.

15. Dwayne Hoover

Played by: Paul Dano
In: Little Miss Sunshine

Even though it has quite a few (a lot) of adult themes this film was one of my childhood favourites, & my introduction to Paul Dano left me with the biggest crush on him that I still kind of harbour today. Fifteen year old Dwayne hates his dysfunctional family & has taken a vow of silence until he can get what he wants – a place in flight school. To then watch his dreams get altered is really heartbreaking, & his secret soft side for his little sister is really endearing.

16. Madeline

Played by: Hatty Jones
In: Madeline

It’s a little obvious why I connect to this character though there is a different spelling & pronunciation for my name (I’m Madeleine – Lyn not Line). Madeline is the smallest of all her friends but the bravest & the kindest, & that’s a person I’ve always aspired to be.

17. Cordelia Chase

Played by: Charisma Carpenter
In: Buffy / Angel

Cordelia has maybe the best character development of all time. Starting as the snobby brat in Sunnydale High she eventually becomes confidant to the Scooby Gang & even turns her back on her popular friends to have a relationship with ‘nerdy’ Xander. But it’s her transformation on spin off show Angel that’s brilliant, where she transforms her life to dedicate it to helping the helpless, all whilst maintaining her signature Cordy humour & charm.

18. Lorelai Gilmore

Played by: Lauren Graham
In: Gilmore Girls

The tag line to this show is “life’s short, talk fast” & Lorelai definitely lives by that. After getting pregnant at sixteen she was disowned by her parents, but worked tirelessly with a smile on her face to ensure the best possible childhood for her daughter Rory. She worked hard in her career as well, progressing until she owned her own Inn. And all while making excellent & constant movie references.

 19. Lorne

Played by: Andy Hallett
In: Angel

Though his special demon makeup didn’t evolve until quite a bit into Angel, Lorne always had a special place in my heart. He’s a demon who escaped a home dimension where he wasn’t excepted & came to this world just to live his passion of singing. Time & time again he was there for his friends always in a sassy suit with a smile on his face, & he even ducked out of the series final battle because fighting wasn’t home. Andy Hallet sadly passed away in 2009 after a long heart failure struggle, but his wonderful talents & legacy will never be forgotten.

20. Ramona Flowers

Played by: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
In: Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Ramona is amazing. With ever changing hair & a heart of gold despite her seven evil exes, she’s true to herself & sweet as anything. I think Mary Elizabeth Wisntead is seriously one of the most underrated actresses of or time.

21. Haku

Voiced by: Jason Marsden
In: Spirited Away

Oh Haku. He will forever be my greatest & most unattainable love, as a river spirit who guides protagonist Chihiro in the spirit world after she’s thrown into it headfirst. He’s so kind & magical & caring but most importantly, he can TURN INTO A DRAGON.

22. The Count 

Played by: Philip Seamour Hoffman
In: The Boat that Rocked

Truly one of the greatest characters ever written. He’s an American radio host working on 1960s British pirate radio in possibly the greatest era for music & he absolutely lives for it. His passion is infectious & he’s truly incredible. This is the role that I will always remember Philip Setmour Hoffman in.

23. Danny Butterman

Played by: Nick Frost
In: Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is one of my favourite films & Danny is my favoured character from home. He starts the film as a shielded local police officer from a tiny village who’s never really thought that his life could be any more than that. But he’s shown a world where he can be the hero like in the films he loves & he’s the most loving & heartwarming character there is.

24. Andrew  Wells

Played by: Tom Lenk
In: Buffy/ Angel

Andrew is my favourite character from Buffy. Aside from Buffy herself. He’s just a nerd who got involved with the wrong people, who just wanted to amount to something after being ignored his whole life. He goes from sort of villain to hostage who bakes to fighter who helps save the world. And the season seven episode ‘Storyteller’ dedicated to him is one of the best episodes of the show. Tom Lenk is now slaying the Instagram world with his #LenkLewkForLess posts, which also made him become friends with my cousin & led to a FaceTime discussion between me & him which will make my heart sing eternally.

25. Sirius Black

Played by: Gary Oldman
In: Harry Potter

Reading the books, I loved him. Then I saw him in Prisoner of Azkhaban & I was transfixed. He’s the most gorgeous, loving Godfather to Harry who’s lived a horrible horrible life & I want to cuddle up to him & stroke his hair & tell him that eveything is going to be alright.

26.Topher Brink

Played by: Fran Kranz
In: Dollhouse

Every now & then you find a character that you just fall head over heels in love without, & Topher Brink was that person for me five years back when I first watched Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. He’s a genius who’s initially quite arrogant & self absorbed but he finds his heart along the course of the show & he is a wonderful person. There’s no words. He will forever be my number one.

 27. Black Widow

  Played by: Scarlett Johannson
In: the Marvel Universe 

After being brought up on Buffy I realised how few other crazy badass yet feminine women there were in film & television. Natasha Romanoff is one of those feelings, & clad in her skintight leather gave me the dream of someday doing that thigh hold superhero fight move that only cool women do. Also her hair is beautiful.

28. Matt Flamhaff

Played by: Mark Ruffalo
In: 13 Going on 30

Matty is one of those characters that make you realise few men will ever live up to the standards set by him in real life. He goes from loyal & dorky best friend to gorgeous adult with just as much heart. He makes a personalised Barbie Dreamhouse for his best friend at aged thirteen & then keeps it for decades even though they lose contact for crying out loud. And he apologises when he bumps into walls. Actual sweetheart.

 29. Motormouth Maybelle

 Played by: Queen Latifa
In: Hairspray

Motormouth Maybelle is who everyone wants to be – especially my mum. She has the biggest heart & the fiestiest perseverance in a ridiculously prejudiced time, & her voice will stun me every time. She’s called Queen for a reason.

30. Giselle

Played by: Amy Adams
In: Enchanted 

Giselle is the most good natured, trusting & wonderful character I think I’ve ever seen. She’s thrown into a world much meaner than hers but she’s braves it all & spreads her love to as many people as she can, all whilst making a new fabulous outfit to wear every day. It’s impossible not to love her.

 31. Daphne Blake

Played by: Stefanianna Cristopherson, Heather North, Kellie Martin, Mary Kay Bergman, Grey DeLisle, Kate Melton & Sarah Michelle Gellar
In: Scooby-Doo

Daphne always has & always will be one of my ultimate women idols. Growing up me & my sister would fight every single episode of the show to see who would get to ‘be her’ & to be honest I think wend still fight today. Seen by everyone as the damsel in distress, Daphne is smart, resourceful, fashionable, & never panics in a situation. She thinks outside of the box & saves the gang way more times than any of them give her credit for.

 32. Catwoman

Played by: Anne Hathaway
In: The Dark Knight Rises

This character transfixed me. The best way to sum up why I love her is when she’s attacking a group of guys, & one asks if her “heels make it hard to walk”. She kicks him with the heel & replies “I don’t know, do they?”.  Instantly a love of my life.

33. Jack Dawson

Played by: Leonardo DiCaprio
In: Titanic

I don’t need to explain this one. Jack changed everyone’s lives back in 1997 when the Oscar winning film about the 1914 ship was released & he’s remained a heartthrob to this day. After saving a wealthy woman’s life he helps her find love & happiness in the difficult life she leads & changes her forever. I’ll never let him go.

 34. King Julien

Voiced by: Sacha Baron Cohen & Danny Jacobs
In: Madagascar & All Hail King Julien

I have a shortcut on my phone so that every time I write ‘julien’ it changes it to ‘love’. That’s how much I love him. He’s a ring tailed lemur (which is also my favourite animal because of the character) who’s King of a colony of lemurs in the jungles of Madagascar. He lives to dance, make bad leadership choices & to move it move it. I love him so so so so so so much.

35. Dory

  Voiced by: Ellen DeGeneres
In: Finding Nemo & Finding Dory

Everyone adores Dory. Her optimistic  attitude never fails & it’s her “just keep swimming” way of life touched so many people. The character was apparently created especially for Ellen too, which is brilliant because no one else could do her justice.

36. Foggy Nelson

Played by: Elden Henson
In: Daredevil

I think Daredevil is brilliant, & the superhero’s co-worker & best friend is one of the best things about him. Foggy is  caring & loyal but straight talking who calls his friend out when he needs to, & he is amazing at his job. He pulls out all the stops constantly & works tirelessly for what is right, & that’s why I love him.

37. Lieutenant Uhura

Played by: Nichelle Nichols & Zoe Saldana
In: Star Trek

Uhura is a badass working lady & I love her. She paved the way for women of colour on television & has always demonstrated a strong character with an intolerance to bullshit. And all the time she does it in a mini skirt in space . Inspiring.

38. Frank Castle

Played by: Jon Bernthal
In: Daredevil

There’s villains & there’s good guys, but my favourite type of characters are the ones who fall somewhere between those two boxes. Yes Frank Castle kills people , bad people, but there’s something about him that’s.. Not vulnerable, but damaged. He was & still is a moral guy at heart & his character is just so complex & brilliantly written that he was a joy to watch in series two of the show.

39. Tobias Fünke

Played by: David Cross
In: Arrested Development

How do you describe this character? Tobias was a psycho-analyst & therapist, which lead him to claim being the first “Analrapist”. He now pays legendary actor Carl Weathers to train him as an actor, though he doesn’t really get taught anything. He painted himself blue every day in the hopes of joining the Blue Man group only to be rejected. Everything he says accidentally has sexual undertones & he once spent weeks dressing as a British nanny in attempts to get closer to his daughter after separating from his wife after being inspired by Mrs Doubtfire (he called himself Mrs Featherbottom).
He is brilliant.

 40. Squidward


Voiced by:  Rodger Bumpass
In: Spongebob Squarepants

Squidward is my Dad’s all time hero. Once when we were watching an epsideo of Spongebob, my Dad found a Squidward one liner so funny that he spat out his tea & shook in silent laughter & we thought he was having a stroke. That about sums up my love for Squidward really.

41. Mohinder Suresh

Mohinder-Suresh-PEO-TV.jpgPlayed by: Sendil Ramamurthy
In: Heroes

Though Heroes infamously deteriorated until nobody could stand to watch it anymore, it will always be remembered for having one of the best first seasons of any show ever. I watched the entire first season one New Year’s with my family after my cousin had got it fro Christmas & we all loved it – & I especially loved Mohinder. He’s a beautifully resilient character trying to continue his father’s work of tracking down individuals with special genetic powers & he has the smoothest voice known to man. For my tenth birthday by mum made me a Valentine’s Day card from him.

 42. Marty McFly

Played by: Michael J. Fox
In: Back to the Future

Back to the Future is one of my favourite films, & I adore Michael J. Fox as the lead character who gets thrown back in time thanks to a time travelling car built by a mad scientist. He has iconic quotes, actions & clothing & he’s the inspiration for the band McFly’s name.

 43. Mulan

Voiced by: Ming-Na Wen
In: Mulan

This Disney lady will always be one of my favourites. She runs away in the middle of the night to take her father’s place in the war & pose as a man, becomes the best soldier only to be kicked out & left for dead when her gender is discovered but still comes back to fight the fight & save China. All at the age of sixteen. Real life ambitions there.

 44. O-Ren Ishii

Played by: Lucy Liu
In: Kill Bill

I think Lucy Liu is amazing, but Lucy Liu as a badass samurai sword wielding assassin is incredible. Her final battle in the snow with the Bride is one of modern cinema’s most infamous scenes, making her one of the most recognisable characters.
O-Ren Ishii is as regal as she is deadly & that is why she is #goals.

 45. Poussey Washington

Played by: Samira Wiley
In: Orange is the New Black

Poussey is the heart of this show. She’s never done anyone wrong, has reached out to pretty much all the characters & despite her struggles has always done her best to keep her head held high. She was the most hopeful & inspiring character in Litchfield & I don’t know how the show will continue without her as the light that she was.

46. Aladar

Voiced by: D. B. Sweeney
In: Dinosaur

It’s my favourite Iguanodon! Disney’s stunning animated film about a group of survivors after a meteor hit on earth wouldn’t be half as good without the hopeful protagonist Aladar. He grew up with lemurs, totally isolated from his species & only met others like him when forced to save his family from their burning island. He stays hopeful, inquisitive & a little bit flirty after his world completely changes & that’s why he’s the best. He also turned me into the massive dinosaur nerd I am today & for that I will be forever grateful.

47. Jim Halpert

Played by: John Krasinksi
In: The Office (US)

Jim is just what everybody seeking a male partner wants. He’s ambitious, a prankster & a hopeless romantic who never gives up on his love for Pam, the office receptionist who eventually becomes his wife. As one half of the power couple of the decade, Jim will be loved for years to come for his devotion to Pam, & his devotion to pulling pranks on his co-worker Dwight – see the best here.

48. David Levinson

Played by: Jeff Goldblum
In: Independence Day

Aliens. Will Smith. And Jeff Goldblum. Need I say more.
I love Jeff Goldblum, & surprisingly I think this is my favourite character of his. Despite how sexy he is in Jurassic Park, it’s his character in Independence Day I love the most. David Levinson is just an ordinary guy who basically barges into the Whitehouse because he knows he can help save the world from the alien invasion they are experiencing. And he brings his Dad along with him, because that’s what a nice guy he is. He then hijacks an alien spaceship to sneak into a much larger alien spaceship with Will Smith & still remains sassy & sexy. Love him.

 49. Phoebe Buffay

Played by: Lisa Kudrow
In: Friends

I always have a hard time trying to pick which friend from Friends is my favourite, but at this point in time it’s Phoebe. She had a really, really rough upbringing but came out of it as a wonderfully quirky, caring & hilarious woman surrounded by friends who loved her. She is of course also a lyrical genius. Where would we be without Smelly Cat & Ode to a Pubic Hair?

 50. Melaka Fray

In: Fray

I started this list with a vampire slayer, now I’m ending it with one. Though I wanted to keep this list as characters from film & television I couldn’t leave Fray out, as she’s my all time favourite comic book character from my all time favourite comic book (I’m sorry, graphic novel). She’s stumbles into her destiny after years of being a thief & she is the most badass lady from the future ever. If there is ever a live action film adapted from this, I want to be her.

So that’s my list! Who are your favourite characters? I would actually really love to hear, because I totally believe that a little part of all your favourite characters makes it’s way into your personality. Comment here or tweet me – I’m really interested to find out!

And thank you to everyone for supporting & encouraging me on this whole blogging journey. I waited two years until I had the courage to start all this & now I’m fifty posts in.
Thank you, so so much.


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