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On my very first induction day to Primary school I found myself sat next to a girl who had a squeaky owl toy. Because she was so nice (& mostly because of that amazing squeaky owl toy), that girl became my best friend, & sixteen years on we’re still each other’s number one even if we don’t see each other that much – we’ll always have each other’s backs. And today is her birthday!

Growing up we were inseparable, & we did a million & one things together from Brownies to family holiday’s, but what we loved more than anything was films. We had a few favourites we loved so much that we watched them every day until we found a new film to watch to death, & a few classics that’s will always be my favourites.

So Megan, in honour of your birthday, here’s our favourite films:

The Adventures of Slappy the Sea Lio

We must have watched this at least forty times, but apparently the film was actually called Slappy & the Stinkers – but the picture above is the VHS we had so I don’t really know why we have an alternate universe Slappy. We loved loved loved this film, about five school kids with a horrible principal (played by BD Wong) who “free” a Sea Lion from an aquarium & have a load of fun with him before putting him in the principal’s hot tub. It’s such a stupidly cute & funny film & I will forever associate ‘My Boy Lollypop’ with it.

When we weren’t watching Slappy we were watching Madeline. As it was my favourite film I desperately wanted Megan to love it too & luckily, she did, & we watched it endlessly too. Our favourite bits were Pepito planting firecrackers in the school’s garden & of course, Helene dancing with the mop.
Step Up

This film made us feel very grown up. It was the first film we ever rented from Blockbuster together & we felt so adult having it as our sleepover film. It’s the film where Channing & Jenna Dewan Tatum met as the ballet dancer & the troubled street dancer who work together blending ballet & hip hop together & it’s amazing. Everyone remembers their first Channing Tatum film & this was ours.
Legally Blondes

In all honesty I don’t think either of us have ever seen this film, but we did dress as them for my sister’s fancy dress party on birthday years ago. I’m pretty sure the film is awful but we just wanted the excuse to dress entirely in pink for one night. 

Daddy Day Care

I don’t remember much of this film but I do remember crying laughing with Megan when Jeff Garlin gets kicked by a kid on the swings, & also something about a mouse in the same scene? Basically the film is about two guys who lose their jobs & after looking after their own kids goes so well they decide to open their own day care centre. It’s Eddie Murphy alongside Jeff Garlin so it’s bound to be good. Also I definitely remember a kid with a bucket on his head that me & Megan thought was hilarious.

A Cinderella Story

This is THE love story of the 2000s & if it’s being shown on tv I will drop everything to watch it. We were massive fans of this film & watching Hillary Duff go through those hard times was heartbreaking every single time we watched it, but it was so worth it for Chad Michael Murray, the best friend Carter, Rhonda the saviour & of course Jennifer Coolidge as the evil stepmother. It’s the best film ever with the most inspirational motto: ‘Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game’.


Me & Megan used to be part of a ‘gang’ called the Grooving Girls & this was the sleepover essential. The first time we watched it we all felt so scandalous because it was rated a twelve & we were all still only nine or ten, & it broke all of our hearts. It’s a classic & gave us all an inside joke about nosebleeds that I’m pretty sure we’d all still giggle about today.

The Other Woman

This film had us written all over it, & so when we were finally able to meet up & have a girly night in to watch this we had the best time. Three women find out they’re all being used by the same guy & plot to take him down & it is just as brilliant as it sounds. Best night ever.

13 Going on 30

I saved the best for last. This is the film of my childhood, & Megan & I watched it religiously. Basically Jennifer Garner as Jenna has the worst thirteenth birthday ever & wishes that she was thirty, only then to wake up in a New York apartment seventeen years in the future actually as a thirty year old. To us that was the absolute DREAM & I have countless journals with pages filled with “my wish is that me & Megan were 30”. It’s will always be one of our favourites (if only for introducing me to Mark Ruffalo) & when I went to America in 2014 I bought back a packet of Razzles to take back to Megan – because they eat Razzles in the film.
There are about fifty more films I could easily include in this list but we’ve seen hundreds of films in the fifteen/ sixteen years we’ve known each other & I don’t have the time to write them all up.

So happy birthday to my best friend! Megan, I hope you’re having the best day ever full of love & hugs & tons of presents & cake – I’ll be there to give you cuddles soon.


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