NATIONAL DOG DAY | fivethreeninety 

Happy National Dog Day!
Though I think this is an American holiday, with the help of Twitter it’s spread worldwide & has led to me in the UK celebrating it. I love dogs even though I don’t have one of my own, so I thought I’d commemorate the day with some of my favourite dogs from cinema.  

Samantha from I Am Legend

Left totally on his own as the last human standing in a disease ridden New York, military scientist Robert Neville is resilient in working to find a cure to the plague. His only company is his German Shephard Sam, left with him by his daughter when she was evacuated from the city at the start of the breakout. Sam is a very loyal dog & is more like a friend to Robert in this world. Will Smith bonded with the dog who played Sam so much that at the end of shooting he tried to adopt her, to no success though.

from Madeline

This is the first dog from a film that made me desperately want my own, & led me to deciding aged seven that some day I would have my own Golden Retriever named Genevieve (a plan I still think would be nice). Genevieve is a Parisian stray who rescues Madeline when she falls into the Seine & then befriends her & the rest of the school girls – though in secrecy, as teacher Miss Clavel is highly allergic to dogs. In the end even Miss Clavel comes around to Genevieve, & she happily becomes the school pet, with bows & all.

from Legally Blonde

Bruiser is basically the face of chihuahua’s in cinema. Legally Blonde took the image of the rich, blonde, pink clad valley girl & turned it on its head, taking the signature dog with it. Bruiser is so much more than a handbag dog, & is Elle’s best & only friend when she starts studying at Harvard Law School. In his matching pink attire & with a (not so great) sequel revolved around him, Bruiser has solidified himself as one of the most iconic dogs in recent film history.

Scooby from Scooby Doo

As the titular character in a mystery solving gang, Scooby doesn’t really do much except eat treats named after him & run screaming from villains. If you were to name the show after the best member of the group it would be Fred (or ideally Daphne), but Scooby really is the heart of the group & that’s why he earnt the title. He’s the glue that holds the group together & that’s why he’s the best.

Toto from The Wizard of Oz

When I was tiny I had a little black & white plastic dog on wheels with a little pull along string that I named Toto. And that’s because Toto is the dog everyone really dreamed of; really cute, totally loyal & above all, a best friend. Without Toto, Dorothy would have been totally alone in the strange new world of Oz, & no doubt wouldn’t have survived as Toto saves the day time & time again. 

Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas

What better a pet for a skeleton man than a ghost dog? Zero is the lovable companion of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King who lives in Halloween Town. When Jack discovers Christmas Town & decides to create his own take on December 25th, Zero stays at his side & even serves as Rudolph guiding the sleigh with his lit up nose. 

Einstein from Back to the Future

Poor Einstein is the guinea pig for all of Doc Brown’s experiments. Most aren’t really noteworthy to be honest, all until he invents a time machine which lead Einstein to become the world’s first time traveler. He’s ever loyal to Doc & forever helping him, & even tracks down characters in the future world of 2015 to save the day. What a cutie.
So those are my favourite film dogs – I left out a few more obvious ones so I could give you a more interesting list but I’m sure Lassie & Marley are more than understanding. Who are you favourite films star dogs? Tweet me because I would love nothing more than to talk about it, & if you’re lucky enough to have a dog send me some cute photos. I love dogs. 
Above all, I hope you had the best National Dog Day ever.


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