IT’S NOT OKAY | fivethreeninety

I’m mad. And I’m going to talk about it. Model Gigi Hadid hit the headlines last week after she defended herself from a total stranger after he literally picked her up & tried to carry her away between fashion shows. Whilst walking to her car with her sister, the man grabbed her round the waist […]


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BATMAN DAY | fivethreeninety

Batman is 77 years old today – which is crazy because he doesn’t look a day over 45! Ha ha ha please don’t exit out of my blog I do have something serious & interesting to say about it I promise. Batman is huge. Along with Superman, he’s probably the world’s most famous superhero & […]

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MORGAN | fivethreeninety

I had heard literally nothing about this film until about three weeks ago when suddenly every bus stop & phone box was adorned with posters, & promotion clips were popping up on Facebook & twitter. A Ridley Scott film that went under the radar for me is rare, so too ease my guilt over missing […]

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FRIENDSFEST | fivethreeninety

On Thursday I got married in Vegas, had coffee in Central Perk, counted in the fake new year at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year & hung out in Monica Gellar’s apartment. I went to FriendsFest 2016 & it was amazing. I bought tickets a couple of months back to take my sister & my cousin, […]

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