Guess who’s sixty six today? It’s a big old happy birthday to Bill Murray!

Bill Murray is beloved by everyone. He’s one of those few actors that everyone has in their heart for at least one of his films; be it Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters or even Garfield.

But as well as for his acting, Bill has become iconic for just being Bill. He’s done a bunch of crazy things like joining a random stranger’s karaoke group; jumping in on a game of kickball he passed by in a park; tagging along to a house party with a group of students he met in a bar where he then did the washing up; becoming a bartender at SXSW festival & served shots of tequila whatever the order; & my personal favourite – crashing an engagement photo shoot he stumbled across.

There’s so many crazy stories about him that there’s even a website that collects them – seriously check out www.billmurraystory.com it’s amazing.

But he’s as well known as he is because of him bringing all these amazing characters in a way only Bill Murray can. So here’s a list of my favourite ones.

Bob Harris – Lost in Translation

Apprently writer/director extraordinare Sofia Coppola wrote this lead role specifically for Bill Murray, later claiming that if Murray turned it down, she wouldn’t have done the film. Bob is a washed up, has-been actor filming an advert for a whisky company when he bumps into Scarlett Johannson’s Charlotte – who’s also a bit lost. The duo are the perfect people to bring each other back from their low periods & it’s beautifully acted by all.
Phil – Groundhog Day

Murray in one is his most iconic roles. Here he plays Phil, a weatherman who somehow gets stuck in a cycle of living the same exact day over & over again. He lives the same day every day for a long long long time, eight years to forty three years depending on who you ask. It sounds really horrendous but because it’s Bill Murray he makes it excellent & so so funny.
Mr Bishop – Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson has some favourite actors he likes to collaborate with & Bill Murray is one of them. In this film he plays the father of female lead Suzy Bishop, a twelve year old who runs away to be with a boyscout on the tiny island they live on. He embodies Anderson’s style so well they’re just the cutest together really.
Himself – Zombieland 

Possibly my favourite role, because who else could have done this so well? Murray plays himself in this post apocalyptic world ruled by zombies – a world where he continues to live peacefully by dressing as a zombie & wandering around. The four lead characters stumble across him while visiting the empty Beverly Hills & then proceed to get high & reanact Ghostbusters with him. It’s AMAZING.
Baloo – The Jungle Book

Baloo is a much loved character to everyone so when a new adaptation was announced it was a bit nerve wracking waiting for a casting announcement. But hearing Bill Murray was like a huge weight of my shoulders because how did I never think of how perfect could that have been? He was amazing as Mowgli’s big old bear best friend & all my childhood dreams came true.

Dr Peter Venkman – Ghostbusters

THE iconic role in maybe THE most iconic pop culture film. Bill Murray shines as one fourth of the iconic team who fight ghosts in New York. Most of the script isn’t actually what was originally written, the majority being ad-libs, mostly made by Murray. Which is brilliant because Venkman has some of the best lines in any film ever & that’s why I, & Woody Harrelson in Zombieland  love him so so much.
So there’s my favourite Bill Murray roles. Did I miss any of yours out? Angry tweet me here if I did.

So happy birthday Bill – I hope you had the best day ever & have many more birthdays to come.


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