If you haven’t seen this trend over the Internet in the past week or so then let me explain it: basically, you have to decide the three fictional characters that represent you most. 
This is one of the first trends in ages to really spark my interest & I really love the idea – so here’s me in fictional characters for you to see here!

Princess Ann

Roman Holiday

Ann is a princess on w Royal tour of Europe, with a tireless schedule & an endless list of rules she must abide by. But everyone seems to forget that she’s just a young woman who wants to live her life how she likes – so she sneaks out of her palace while visiting Rome & sets about making her own adventure. It’s her adventurous spirit & playful, spontaneous nature that I see in myself.

Buffy Summers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I first watched Buffy when I was four, so she’s very much one of the main influencers of me growing up. Buffy is strong as hell without loosing her femininity, has amazing friends & a loving mother & little sister – just like me. She goes through so, so much but always tries her hardest to be strong which is definitely the same as me. If I can be half like Buffy I’ll be immensely happy.



Other than just the name, me & Madeline have a lot in common. Her cheeky nature is one of those similarities, but mostly it’s her way of constantly finding herself in situations that make her life far from boring that I relate too (I can so see myself falling off a Parisian bridge into the Seine because I was walking on the wall giving a speech to my friends). 
It was tough narrowing it down to just three characters but I think I’m happy with who I finally decided on. But, there were a whole lot of runners up, all characters that I see myself in too. Here are those people that didn’t make the top three:

Maggie Greene

The Walking Dead

Maggie has been through hell & back, lost all of her family & everything from her previous life but she fought through it all to become the badass leader she is today. She focuses on the future to get through all the bullshit & I try my very best to do the same. Also some people think I look a little bit like her so there’s that as well.

Elizabeth Swann

Pirates of the Caribbean

Elizabeth was my original badass lady. She wore these beautiful gowns but was smart, sassy & intuitive above all. Even though I dress in big swishy skirts & heels, I try to be as badass as Elizabeth. I do also relate to outfit choices that you regret as soon as you leave the door – but I’ve never gone as extreme as a corset so tight you faint into the sea.

Karen Page


Karen doesn’t put up with bullshit in a totally non bitchy way & that how I try to be. She fights for why is right & will never back down unless she knows it’s wrong.

Debra Morgan


Debra is like me in that she is constantly working to prove that she can do anything. Any work I do I do my upmost best, & I adore my family just as she does. She’s also quite indecisive which I so get too.

Elizabeth Bennet

Pride & Prejudice

Who doesn’t love Lizzy Bennet? She is sassy, says what she thinks & defys social expectations – which is amazing her w woman of her era too. She is her own person in a society where everyone is trying to mold her & she totally inspired me to be my own person.

Rachel Green


Rachel is ditsy yet smart & determined in her passions & that’s why I adore her. She’s so driven yet realistic & is one of the greatest friends to her loved ones. She also occasionally does stupid things & we’ve all been there.

Holly Golightly

Breakfast at Tiffanys

I started with an Audrey Hepburn character so I’ll end with one. Holly is one of the most famous characters to come out of American literature & is amazingly iconic for her surprising attitude & way of life, priding herself on being the “top banana in the shock department”. Though I’m not quite so glamourous or scandalous I do relate to her need for alone time to recoup, & also her love of parties & cats.

So that’s me in fictional characters. Who do you think you are? Tweet me, I’m really interested to see!


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