BLACK CAT DAY | fivethreeninety

Apparently today is black cat day!  Black cat day was started by Cats Protection in 2010, to celebrate black or black & white cats. Despite it being 2016 & all, so many people still hold prejudices against black cats. Many people see them as bad luck or an omen, & that means that black cats […]

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#WEARITPINK | fivethreeninety

Yesterday was Wear it Pink day.  It’s a day run by Breast Cancer Now, the leading breast cancer charity in the United Kingdom. October is also breast cancer awareness month – which is why the White House was lit pink the other night.  Last night was also Stand Up to Cancer’s big television fundraising event […]

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ROAD TRIP FILMS | fivethreeninety

If you’ve been a follower of this blog for a while, you’ll remember back in February I uploaded a blog post all about bad drivers in film & television, after failing my driving test. If I’d passed that test, I would have instead written about some great road trip movies in celebration. Today, that post […]

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ONE IN FOUR | fivethreeninety

Today is World Mental Health Day so I’m going to move away from film talk & discuss something really important. One in four people in the United Kingdom will experience a mental health problem each year. That’s a HUGE statistic, & yet still it’s seen as a taboo. Mental health problems can come in a huge, huge variety of […]

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