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This weekend Netflix UK added the television show Freaks and Geeks & everybody lost it. It was a trending topic on Twitter all day with everyone buzzing about it, even though the show ended sixteen years ago after only eighteen episodes.
This show is definitely not the only one. So many shows that are long, long over continue to have a dedicated & growing fanbase, & with streaming platforms like Netflix & Amazon Prime it’s all too easy to keep the show alive. So, here’s my round up of the best of the best television shows from the last couple of decades that have absolutely refused to be forgotten easily. 

Freaks and Geeks

Last episode: 16 years ago

Created by Paul Feig with writing from Judd Apatow & a cast including Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Jason Segel & Seth Rogan I’m sure the people who cancelled this late nineties show really regret it now. It’s set in a 1980s high school & follows a sister & brother – one who starts hanging out with the ‘freaks’ of the school, & one the ‘geeks’. My sister’s a bigger fan of this than I am so I asked her why she thought it had lasted:

“I think it’s just very honest. It’s nice because they’re all very different people that don’t really get on but you love them anyway.”

Before Netflix it was just all available on YouTube (that’s where I first saw it). In its full quality on Netflix it’s definitely worth a watch now. 


Last episode: 12 years ago

I don’t have to tell you that Friends is one of the most iconic & influential television shows of all time. It’s a really simple premise: just six friends hanging out in New York but with brilliant writers & an amazing cast it works so well. I remember when Channel 4 made the decision to stop airing reruns in 2011 there was a MASSIVE protest, with petitions & all – & that was seven years after it ended. It’s still got such a huge following today that it even runs an official yearly festival called FriendsFest in the UK where fans all gather with recreated sets & memorabilia for the day (I’ve been twice & it was amazing). The storylines were so witty, emotional & always relatable & that’s why everyone loved it then & continues to love it today. 


Last episode: 13 years ago 

Firefly is unofficially the poster child for cancelled television shows. It only got twelve episodes before Fox Network cancelled it which infuriated the makers & fans of the show alike, causing an uproar that lead to a film continuation with the same cast that broke box office & world records. Eleven years on from the film & thirteen from the start of the show the fan base is still huge, with conventions & special events always packed. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Last episode: 12 years ago

This show will never die for me & for so many others. If you’ve watched Buffy start to finish you’ll know how it really isn’t just a television show, it’s a really impacting & emotional one that really shapes you. Each monster of the week or plot line could be translated to real life problems & it paved the way for so many things: it was even the first show to televise a same sex kiss between a committed lesbian couple. To many it was almost like a friend that told them they were going to be okay, & that’s why it’s immortal. 

Gilmore Girls

Last episode: 9 years ago

“Life’s short talk fast” was the tag line for Gilmore Girls, & after a seven year run it came to an end back in 2007 – but the popularity since has even increased. My sister & I used to rush home from school every day to catch the reruns on tv & begged for the boxsets for Christmas, & both still adore it to this day. It’s actually still got such a huge audience that Netflix is bringing it back in a four part revival coming November 25th & I have NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED. Watch the whole series on Netflix now to get ready for it – I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

What long-gone shows do you still keep alive? I have tons of others but if I went into them all we’d be here a lot longer, so tweet me & we’ll discuss there. Even though I’m currently watching seven shows I’ll always take new recommendations! 
Big thanks to my sister for providing the idea for today’s blog post – I’ve been working like crazy so my brain’s been a bit stuck for ideas. You’re the best lulu. 


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