NATIONAL BOYFRIEND DAY | fivethreeninety

It’s National Boyfriend Day, & though I haven’t been able to see my own boyfriend today I’ve celebrated by thinking of the best boyfriends from tv & film. 
Whether you have a boyfriend of your own, you’re single or you don’t even like boys, you can’t deny that these guys are pretty great boyfriends to their significant others. These are my favourite tv & film boyfriends:

Jim Halpert

The Office US

Jim is the best. He was so in love with his coworker Pam but never did anything about it because he knew she was engaged, & instead was there for her as a best friend. He was never sour about it towards her & when they eventually got together after years of being friends he proved just how perfect a partner he could be.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Angel was Buffy’s first, & maybe truest love. They were the cliché before it was a cliché: the vampire & a vampire slayer in love. Even though they ended things eventually (due to the understandably difficult relationship) he still cared for & looked out for Buffy. 


The Princess Bride

“As you wish”. Need I say more?

Ezra Fitz

Pretty Little Liars

I started watching PLL when my boyfriend was away working for three months & I don’t think I would have got through it without Ezra. Every time he kisses Aria’s head it makes my heart cry a little bit.

Jake Peralta

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Jake is maybe the most innocently decent & non problematic character ever? He’s a lovely guy & a great cop who had a huge crush on coworker Amy & when they finally got together it was amazing. Amy is totally different from Jake in almost every way but he is head over heels in love with her & that’s why he’s great. 

Mark Darcy

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Mark’s personality is straight to the point & very blunt, so there is no doubting what he is feeling. Though his & Bridget’s relationship has been a bit up & down over the years they finally get their happy ending in the latest film (spoiler): but I’m including Mark in this list for this quote alone:

Blaine Anderson


Before Blaine, Kurt Hummel was a lonely, unpopular high school struggling with his sexuality in a small town where people hated on him. When he moved schools & met Blaine all that started to change. Blaine helped Kurt to be really comfortable in himself. 



Long story short, in this Joss Whedon show people sign off five years of their life with the promise that they’ll be handsomely paid & free of past trauma when those years are over. In these five ears they are programmed to be ‘dolls’, kind of blank slate humans with no real personality. So the fact that two of these dolls, Victor & Sierra are drawn together is a huge deal. Whatever character they are programmed to be they always feel the same way & love each other, each helping each other with past traumas just by being there. I love them so much. 

Noah Calhoun

The Notebook

Not only did he write to her every day for a year, but he built Allie her dream house for crying out loud. They made it through their difficult adolescence & came out the other side to spend the rest of their lives together – & when Allie’s dementia makes her forget him he patiently coaxes her back to him through telling her the story of their life. 

Finn Hudson


Finn once bought Rachel a star, & named it after himself. But it wasn’t a selfish act at all – he said that there was already a star named Rachel & she was right here on earth in front of him, so he made a Finn star to always be looking over her. 

Patrick Verona

Ten Things I Hate About You

What started out as an impersonal quest became so much more real when Patrick fell for “heinous bitch” Kat. He’s the most wonderful boyfriend who really shows Kat how much he cares for her – even if that means hijacking the school speakers & serenading her for all to see. 
Those are my favourite fictional boyfriends. Do you have any more to add to the list? Tweet me because I am a HUGE sucker for on screen romance & will happily talk all day about cute couples. 

Obviously I have to do a little tribute to my boyfriend, Jamie. He gives me kisses & flowers & texts me whenever a film I like is on tv. He’s been with me through some of the toughest months of my life & he makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world every day by having him. He is my best friend.


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