#WEARITPINK | fivethreeninety

Yesterday was Wear it Pink day. 
It’s a day run by Breast Cancer Now, the leading breast cancer charity in the United Kingdom. October is also breast cancer awareness month – which is why the White House was lit pink the other night. 

Last night was also Stand Up to Cancer’s big television fundraising event on Channel 4 (in the U.K.). They raised a huge sum of £15,560,519 to help save lives.
In honour of #WearItPink, here’s some pink loving films for you to enjoy this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Dirty Dancing

Baby’s pink dress in this film is almost as iconic as the dance she performs wearing it. Baby, real name Frances Houseman, is on holiday with her family at a resort, where she falls in love with the camp’s dance instructor & gets roped into performing. It’s so much fun & both Jennifer Grey & Patrick Swayze are GORGEOUS. 

Mean Girls
The titular ‘mean girls’ in this film are Regina, Gretchen & Karen, known to all as The Plastics for being embodiments of Barbie dolls. They live their high school life by a very specific set of rules, including a dress code that dictates they must wear pink on Wednesday’s. Main character Cady is a newcomer to their clique trying to sabotage their leader & it is brilliant – there is a reason why everyone obsessively quotes this film. 

Funny Face

This film has a while song dedicated to the colour pink, aptly named ‘Think Pink’. It’s about Jo, a young bookshop owner who gets discovered by a photographer & whisked into a life as a model, despite insisting that she has a “funny face”. She only agrees to model for the photographer when she learns she’ll be whisked away to Paris for a huge amount of photo shoots, & thats where she learns more about herself in this beautiful & stylish film. 

Legally Blonde

“Whoever said that orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed” says Elle Woods on her first day at Harvard Law School. Elle is never not seen in pink, & even her chihuahua Bruiser is never without a pink accessory. This film is seriously incredible, showing a young woman defy everyone’s expectations & turn stereotypes on their head by proving herself to be an incredible lawyer & a brilliant person. All whilst being very fashionable too. 


Grease has a group of women who call themselves the Pink Ladies, complete with personalised jackets. It’s set in a fifties high school with a forbidden love story: cool guy Danny & shy, sweet Sandy want to be together but can’t. Grease is a classic musical with a questionable message but it’s so much fun with some incredible songs. 

The C Word

This one is less pink, but included for obvious reasons. BBC’s 2015 adaptation of the autobiographical book by Lisa Lynch was stunning, with Sheridan Smith starring as a breast cancer victim. Sheridan is absolutely unbelievable as Lisa, who sadly lost a different battle to cancer just before shooting her first cancer story began. It’s surprisingly rare for a cancer story to be told from the victim’s point of view & that’s why so many sufferers of cancer resonated with it so much. I highly, highly recommend that everyone watch this. 
1 in 8 women & 1 in 870 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime, & it’s awareness campaigns & fundraisers like these that can help catch it early & fund research & treatment. It’s a really important thing to talk about, so spread the news & #WearItPink.
For more information on how to look out for breast cancer & on Breast Cancer Now, visit their website here


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