WHO DID NEGAN KILL? | fivethreeninety

Tonight is finally the return of The Walking Dead, & while I’m so incredibly excited for season seven to finally arrive it does mean that tonight we’ll be seeing a main character (or two) killed off. So it’s mixed feeling about the premiere. 

Season six ended with the introduction of Negan, the legendary villain from the comic books & played in the show by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. To prove how terrifying he is, he immediately kills one of Rick’s own, brutally in front of everyone else. But, the murder scene was shot from the victims point of view – so we’ve had to wait one hundred & eighty eight days to find out who it was. 

It can’t be Carol, Tara, Morgan, Jesus or Heath: all these characters were elsewhere. Everyone else is at risk – so here’s my opinion on each & everyone one of them:


In the original comic book it’s Glenn that dies at the hands of Lucille. But Glenn & Maggie didn’t kiss once on screen during season six & didn’t have a proper significant goodbye the last time they were together before Negan, & I feel like they would have completely rubbed their relationship in our faces if it it were about to be ruined. It would also be a bit rubbish since Glenn had a huge death scare mid season six anyway where everyone thought he was dead for a few episodes before it was revealed he actually survived. 


It won’t be Rick. I’d say it wouldn’t be because of how he’s the main character blah blah blah but we know it isn’t because he’s in the promo for season seven. So he’s fine. 


I doubt it will be Carl. Rick’s son would be too hard to lose at this point, & a whole new storyline for half blind Carl has just started. Also, in the comics Carl has an amazing relationship with Negan that I think would be way too much to miss out on for the show. However, some viewers seemed to see the shadow of a hat on Negan’s chest – Carl is the only one who wears one. 


It won’t be Daryl. Half of the show’s merchandise is based on the character & people OBSESS over him. If they did make it him it would be so ballsy I would be impressed. It would be really impacting though & a huge way to kick off season seven. 


If it’s Michonne just end the show. She’s the most fearless & amazing character & if her getting together with Rick mid way through last season was just so that she could be murdered in front of him & develop a storyline of his grieving then I will be so, so mad. 


In the same way as Michonne, if Sasha dies now just as Abraham was starting to care about her (& even leave Rosita for her) then it’ll be stupid. Sasha is crazy amazing, so so strong & last season saw her overcome a whole lot of crap to get back to a happy place.


I hope to God it’s not Maggie. She’s really come into her own in recent seasons, taking on a big leadership role & really impressing others, as well as now being pregnant. In the teaser promo released for season seven some people did speculate seeing Maggie’s wedding ring in the mud on the ground two – & she is pregnant, which would count as two deaths JDM promised. She was the reason the group were trying to get to Hilltop when they encounter Negan because she’s so ill. She was barely able to kneel in line with everyone she was so weak so I doubt she’d be able to “take it like a champ” as Negan says – so if it is Maggie I’ll be annoyed because it doesn’t make sense her being able to fight back against having her skull bashed in when she can’t even stand. Some people did seem to see her wedding ring from Glenn on the floor in the promo though…


I really hope it isn’t Aaron because his character really hasn’t been explored much yet & I’d love to see that. Aaron is the newest addition to the group but he’s quickly become a fan favourite, & his relationship with Maggie is so lovely. I don’t think it will be him though because he’s not a major major major character & regular viewers may be disappointed. 


Rosita is just learning how to be by herself. She’s always been a badass, but since Abraham left her she’s had to do some figuring out on her own. I also love her for always bringing her feminist even in the apocalypse – when she was first introduced she was wearing massive gold hoop earrings. She’s a pivotal role in Rick’s group, & also trains other people of Alexandria in combat. 


Once the awkward, unsociable guy Eugene is now the heart of the show & a proper badass. Knowing fully well that there was a big chance of him dying, he sacrificed himself in the hopes of being a distraction from Negan so that the group could get Maggie to safety. He was unsuccessful but not due to his own fault, & I’d be really heartbroken if it was him because he’s such a great character who’s just unlocked a whole new area of potential. 


Abraham to me, seems most likely. He’s tough, strong & proud & therefore seems the most likely to be able to take his skill being blown in “like a champ”. He’s just had the foundations for a new storyline happen to him but I think it would be effective to cut those off, in a very different way to female characters with new storylines. But, a lot of people suspect that Abraham will only be the first death – & another, more shocking one will follow. 
People I could be okay with losing: Abraham, 

People I would cry over: Rosita, Carl, Sasha

People I would never forgive the show for killing: Maggie, Glenn, Michonne, Aaron

What I want I want to see in season seven:

– Tara finding out about Denise

– Carol’s struggle with her history

– Rick & Michonne

– more Jesus

– Enid string out of the cupboard Carl locked her in

 – The Saviours

– The Kingdom

 – Ezikial

 – The tiger (!!!)


I’m very excited for tonight. I’m also very nervous, & ready to get mad if it’s a stupid decision. 

I’ll be tweeting when it airs so if you want to join me that would be great – just be prepared for any possible emotional outbursts.


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