BLACK CAT DAY | fivethreeninety

Apparently today is black cat day! 
Black cat day was started by Cats Protection in 2010, to celebrate black or black & white cats. Despite it being 2016 & all, so many people still hold prejudices against black cats. Many people see them as bad luck or an omen, & that means that black cats are usually left unadopted in shelters. 
Adopting instead of shopping for pets is something I think is so important. So many animals are left in shelters for huge periods of time while new ones are bred to be sold, & in some cases shelters even have to put down the animals who have been there too long without hope of adoption. 
I have two cats: Figaro, & Yoda. One is black & white & the other all black with a few little white hairs on her chest. I adopted them from Cats Protection back in 2012 & I love them so very very much so today is a celebration for them too. 

In true fivethreeninety style, here’s some of the best black cats from film & tv. 

CatThe Cat in the Hat

I don’t care what anyone says this is one of the best films of all time. You know how kids films has a few sneaky bits of adult humour so parents watching with their kids can enjoy the film too? Well this film is full of that. It’s obviously based on the iconic Dr Seuss book but it’s so colourful & crazy & full of musical numbers & Mrs Kwan (please just watch it).

BinxHocus Pocus

Maybe my all time favourite cat from my all time favourite Halloween film. Binx is actually Thackeray Binx, a young man turned into a cat & sentenced to live forever by three witches who killed his sister. He spends the rest of his life guarding other people from meeting the witches & dying over & over again: if he gets run over by a car he just inflates himself back up again & shakes it off. 

SalemSabrina the Teenage Witch

Salem is a sassy bitch & I love it. He’s a former witch who was sentenced by the Witch’s Council to spend an indefinite amount of time as a cat as punishment for trying to take over the world, & that pretty much sums him up. He’s selfish, demanding, hilarious & Sabrina’s best friend – I highly recommend you watch this video of his best moments. 

The CatCoraline

Everyone knows that Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is as creepy as it is brilliant, & one of the main distinguishing characters is the cat. He’s Coraline’s guide to the other world & is friendly enough, but gets easily frustrated with humans & having to explain cat ways to them: “Cats don’t have names. We know who we are, so we don’t need names”. So emo.

BagheeraThe Jungle Book

You’re lying if you say you wouldn’t want your own Bagheera – especially after seeing this years live action remake of the classic Disney film. Bagheera is a big black cat (a panther) who guides man child Mowgli through his life in the jungle after being left as the lone human there. He’s big, wise & cuddly & I want one of my very own. 

Yoda & FigaroMy Cats

My cats are brilliant. Yoda is my little baby, who comes in for goodnight cuddles & spooning sessions, drools everywhere then the rest of the time ignores you. Figaro is the bigger idiot I have ever met. He’s half blind & missing one leg from a car accident but he’s the fastest & the luckiest cat I’ve ever met – but when he wants attention he will scream & scream until he gets some. 
I do like a good black cat, & it’s sad that they’re still mistreated now. For more information on how you can help with Black Cat Day or Cats Protection, visit their website here.


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