I’m pretty ambitious when it comes to Halloween costumes. In previous years I’ve been Faith from Buffy, Daphne from Scooby Doo, & King Julien. 

I like to go as iconic characters & I don’t like to half ass it, which is tricky because I’m normally on a very tight budget. This usually means my mum has to help with a lot of sewing which is amazing because she’s the best. 
This year I’m going as Eleven from Stranger Things because I loved that show & Millie Bobby Brown is the most talented young actor I have ever seen. I know I won’t be the only one but I’m so excited for the pink dress & the blonde wig & the little nosebleed!
But if time, money & friends were no option, these are the characters I would completely love to go as for Halloween:

Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

In Buffy’s first of its three Halloween specials, a cursed costume store makes everyone turn into their costumes on Halloween night. Dressed as an eighteenth century noblewoman, heroic Buffy is transformed into a helpless damsel in distress for the night & the episode is amazing as her outfit is. I have dreamt about this look from the moment I saw it aged five or six: the dress, the bows, the hair. Someday I will get to recreate this, when I’m invited to Heidi Klum’s or something. 

Princess Ann from Roman Holiday

All I want is to go to Rome & wear this outfit & have my very own Roman Holiday. It’s such a classic & iconic look that’s still fashionable today & it is my favourite character from my favourite film. 

Rey from Star Wars

The new instalment of the infamous franchise was so successful, & so memorable to me as the first Star Wars film I saw in the cinemas. The costumes in Star Wars are incredible at being wearable yet immediately recognisable & that’s why they translate to fancy dress so easily too. Really I just want that staff to run around with. 

Vampire Willow from Buffy

Alternate universe Willow was so popular with fans that they brought her across into Buffy’s real timeline for an episode & it was brilliant. This dead Willow is completely different from the one we know & love, though it does foreshadow a lot of things about her character in later seasons – & her skin tight, boob centric leather costume was the perfect display of how different she was. I bet you this is so uncomfortable but god I want to wear it. 

Chihiro from Spirited Away

Either one of Chihiro’s outfits from this Studio Ghibli film would be amazing to dress up in, but what would make it even better would be if you had a Haku by your side. Especially if it’s Haku in his dragon form. 

Jane from Tarzan

I have always wanted to be Jane, & even had a makeshift “Jane Outfit” when I was six – it was just a skirt & a tank top that I thought looked like her jungle attire but I loved it. But really, all I ever wanted (& still want) was to have her big yellow dress complete with gloves, hat & boots. Of the dreams I had of those boots. When I met Jane at Disneyworld two years back the first thing after saying goodbye was take a sneaky photo of those boots.
That’s just a few of my goals as a solo costume. If my boyfriend was as enthusiast about costumes as I was, we would have exhausted most of these too:

Jim & Pam from The Office US

Maybe the most iconic television couple ever? If you have the Pam Beesly hair clip & the Jim Halpert smirk face then you are set to go. I think this would maybe be the creme de la creme of Halloween couples costumes. 

Juno & Bleeker  from Juno

If by some chance I am ever ever pregnant, I hope that pregnancy falls over Halloween because going as Juno would be the most perfect thing ever. I also think it would GREAT to see my significant other in those tiny yellow shorts. 

Deadpool & Vanessa from Deadpool

This is what I really wanted to go as with my boyfriend this year before we realised it would cost too much. I loved this film & I loved the relationship between these two & how they were total badass equals, each in totally unique outfits. 

Romeo + Juliet

I would LOVE to go as the titular characters from Baz Luhrman’s 1997 adaptation of Shakespeare’s star crossed lovers in their costume party outfits. It’s Leonardo DiCaprio as a knight in shining armour & Claire Danes as an innocent white angel that would be so so so exciting. I will do this someday when I have a big enough budget to buy angel wings as fabulous as Juliet’s.
Matching costumes aren’t just for couples. If you have a proper squad of people willing to go in a group costume then I’m jealous because I would kill to go as a member from any of these groups.

Totally Spies

I’ve recently decided there needs to be a live action Totally Spies film starring me, Amandla Stenberg & Kathryn Newton. Until that day comes I’ll settle for a group Halloween costume with all the girly spy gadgets – laser lipsticks & all. 

Powerpuff Girls

I did a really cheapskate version of this one year with two friends after we each bought two metres of our assigned Powerpuff girl colours & just draped it over ourselves. It would be so fun to go all out for with the hairstyles too & I bet you it would be so comfy to wear all night. 

Mystery Inc from Scooby Doo

I’ve already been Daphne on my own, but the whole Scooby gang would be incredible. All of the costumes are instantly recognisable, especially together & I think it would be amazing to do with a group of friends. I also absolutely plan to have a Scooby Doo collar for one of my future dogs someday as well. 

The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus

My sister & I love love love this film, & have always wanted to be able to dress up as the witch sisters but just can’t decide who would be our third person. Also we have a lot of trouble fighting over who would get to be Sarah, who is both of our favourite witch. But if we ever settle that & find a third person who loves the film as much as we do then we will be ready. 

Those are some my Halloween dreams, but I probably have hundreds more. Though I do like a classic sexy black cat costume it’s the character dress ups I get most excited about. Which characters would you love to be for Halloween? Tweet me what you wish you could be, & what you have dressed as too – I love seeing Halloween costumes!


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