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This year, globally & politically, has been a mess, & today is finally the culmination of one of those messes – the US Election.

For months various candidates have battled it out in one of the most historic election years of all time, & now Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump stand

I’m not American, but this election will effect everyone globally. It’s a scary, scary time for this currently fragile world & all I can do is hope that US citizens make the right choice with their vote today.

To distract myself, & you from all this drama, here’s some fake United States President’s from film & television. There’s some good ones, trust me.



Thomas J. Whitmore
Independence Day
Bill Pullman

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – the speech that President Whitmore gives in this film is so iconic it deserves to be taught in schools. It gives me chills every single time. He’s such a nice guy too, which makes many people doubt his eligibility to be a good president but when his country & the world is attacked he is the one on the frontline to fight back & win. He’s inclusive & unprivileged, refusing to let others stop him from being part of the battle & ultimately becoming the leader to save the world – all whilst caring for his young daughter & losing his wife in the process.
Watch the speech here & you’ll see what I mean.


National Anthem
A$AP Rocky

In this JFK & Jackie style video A$AP Rocky plays the President to Lana Del Rey’s First Lady & it’s brilliant. It’s the personal side to his presidency that’s depicted in this music video, his life with his wife & children, the beach trips, the pool days & the elaborate parties he has. It’s a really beautiful look at the feel of the relationship between Jackie & JFK & the essence of their love is beautifully captured from the storytelling to the reading of Jackie’s letter about her husband after his assassination.
Also just how cool would President A$AP Rocky be?


President Beck
Deep Impact
Morgan Freeman

There are few people who wouldn’t want Morgan Freeman president. I think we all trust him with the role. Him as Beck is a pretty decent substitute for the real thing, as his presidency sees him have to deal with a worldwide crisis after a comet is seen hurtling towards earth. But nobody really cares about that – it’s Morgan Freeman as the President. Please someone make this happen in real life.


Allison Taylor
Cherry Jones

The only non-animated female president on this list, Allison Taylor was the first female President of the US in seasons seven & eight of the hit show 24. She went through many a personal crisis during her run, but refused to let her personal life affect her duty as a leader. She was strong & resilient, ultimately sacrificing her career so as not to go against her own morals & continue to be a role model for those looking up to her. She’s so badass.


The US President
Love Actually
Billy Bob Thornton

This guy is a big douche & it’s really funny that it was a British film that painted the character of the American President in this way. He’s just a bit of a twat really, who gets in the way of the UK/US relationship politically & personally which results in Prime Minister eventually publicly stating his disproval in the most British roast of all time. Truly a classic.


President Signoff
Rocky & Bullwinkle Movie
James Rebhorn

I’m pretty sure this guy is meant to be a spoof of George Bush. He’s dumb & he gets possessed by the tv. He really doesn’t have a big part at all so that’s all I can really say about him.


Nathan Petrelli
Adrian Pasdar

While the first season of Heroes was incredible, the rest of the show infamously turned into a huge disappointing mess. I can’t really remember how but somewhere in that mess there was a glimpse into the future where character Nathan was the President of the United States. He’s a very up & down character so I can’t imagine that was ever going to be a good idea.


President Darryl
Threat Level Midnight (The Office)
Craig Robinson

After hinting at it in season two, season seven of the US version of The Office revealed that boss Michael Scott had been working on a movie of his own for the past few years titled Threat Level Midnight. He roped everyone in the office into acting in it, including warehouse worker Daryl who took the role of the President of the United States hoping to inspire his daughter as a black President. Then Obama was elected in & he was stuck in the role for no real reason.

It’s really excellent, plot holes & bad performances & all – there’s even a dance number.
(You can watch it all here)

Simpsons kind of predicated Trump presidency

Lisa Simpson
The Simpsons

Back in 2000, The Simpsons had a flash forward episode featuring Lisa as the future President. While the episode mainly focused on the differences between her & her brother Bart’s successes, it’s come into media attention a lot over the past year when people rewatched & realised the significance of what was once an off hand joke. Lisa states that the office has “inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump” – something that was a funny idea right up until a few months ago when Donald Trump’s likelihood at winning the election increased.



The start of this election was humorous. We had Hillary Clinton, lovable old man Bernie Sanders, zodiac killer Ted Cruz & reality television show host Donald Trump. It seemed like an SNL sketch. But as time went on it became real, & now he is a serious threat.


She’s not perfect, but the amount bad press about her has been ridiculously excessive & false.

Whereas Trump wants to focus his presidency on building walls & deporting citizens, closing vital centres like Planned Parenthood & preaches his belief that climate change is a lie formulated by the Chinese. Hillary Clinton plans for these things:

  • Affordable education for all, & reduced loans for those who have already graduated
  • Immigrant rights
  • Equal pay
  • A rise in the minimum wage
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • Women’s rights inc. the right to choose & protection of Planned Parenthood
  • Gun control
  • Addressing climate change & sourcing alternative energy
  • Foregien policy – Prevent a nuclear Iran, defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, & stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

To people who say they’re as bad as each other – please please please see the bigger picture here. Hillary could be seen as corrupt, but she is prepared to be an effective President. Donald is a racist, homophobic, sexist, celebrity who has literally bragged about committing sexual assault, has said multiple times that he is attracted to his own children & is becoming an icon & a huge representation for thousands of terrifying beliefs in the US. The damage he could do would be incomprehensible. Clinton is not perfect but let’s stop pretending she’s on the same level as Trump. She’ll be better than a whole bunch of president’s America has already seen (George Bush anybody?).

In an ideal world we would all be able to vote for people like Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein, but this isn’t about ideals. The world is at stake here, & voting third party is basically a vote for Trump at this stage in the game.

You may think there’s no way that it could happen. But look at what’s happening in my country, the UK, right now with out now infamous Brexit vote. The unthinkable can happen, & only your vote can stop it.

Please vote Hillary.


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