It’s only a few hours until the Gilmore Girls revival hits Netflix & I don’t know about you, but I am SHAKING with excitement. 
My sister & I first discovered Gilmore Girls on E4 after school. It showed reruns before Scrubs & one day we caught the last good chunk of an episode & loved it. We quickly became obsessed, & started rushing home from school to get in to see Gilmore Girls, getting each other merchandise for Christmas & birthdays & quoting it on a daily basis.

The show follows Lorelai & Rory Gilmore; a mother & daughter like no other. They’re each other’s best friends, both full of pop culture references, mass amounts of takeouts & a vast, vast amount of coffee. My god these girls like coffee. They live in Stars Hollow, a gorgeous town where everyone knows everyone & looks out for everyone & the town meetings are legendary. 
Season one started with Lorelai approaching her parents, from whom she is very distant after getting pregnant & leaving the family home at sixteen. Rory has been accepted into a prestigious private school but funds for it are sparse, so a deal is made between Lorelai & Richard & Emily Gilmore; they’ll pay for Rory’s tuition if the two girls come to dinner every Friday night. 

Throughout the seven seasons of the show we see the family get to know each other, understand each other more & have a copious amount of fights. 
Since the show ending in 2007 the fanbase has only continued to grow & grow, with new generations finding & loving it every day – so when a revival was announced back in 2015 by creator/ writer/ director Amy Sherman-Palladino the world LOST it. 

What was the revival going to be about? Would it be a movie? Another series? Multiple more series? What’s happened in the past nine years? How were Rory & Lorelai? Was Lorelai still with Luke? What was happening with Rory’s career? Were they happy? Where are Lane & Sookie in their lives? Is everyone still in Stars Hollow? Who would be coming back? And the most upsetting question – how were they going to continue the story without Edward Herrmann? 

Herrmann, who played the beloved Richard Gilmore in all seasons of the original show sadly passed away at the end of 2014. We see in the trailers that Richard has died, & that a focal point of the series will be Emily moving on from that. However sad, I think that a Gilmore Girls revival was vital to honour both Edward Herrmann & Richard Gilmore so a Year in the Life is the perfect way to honour him. 
So where are all the other characters at?

Here are my Year in the Life predictions: 

Lorelai is still at the dragonfly, though she doesn’t work there every day. It’s really mega successful with a manager who does Day to day stuff & she oversees. 

Rory is in a bit of a rut (the trailers tell us) she won’t “choose” on of the three boys she dated on the show. She’ll stay single & during the course of these four episodes she’ll develop herself –  maybe even become a teacher at Chilton.

Emily will be totally lost on how to love her life without Richard. She’ll do some wildly out of character things (she’s wearing jeans & a tshirt in the trailer), but ultimately will grow closer to her daughter & granddaughter because of it. 

Luke still runs his diner, & has grown the business up to be more branded & successful today. Him & Lorelai are together but they never married – both agreed neither of them wanted it after each had a rushed horrible one. BUT with the loss of Richard & seeing how it affects Emily I do think Lorelai will think about it. 

Luke will also hate how cellphones have progressed. He doesn’t want them in his diner. 

Melissa McCarthy is only set to be in one episode as best friend Sookie, so I think she is a top chef somewhere crazy & world renowned. Her husband Jackson looks after the kids mostly but sookie isn’t distant & everyone is all love. 

Christopher is a stable single dad, successful & loves Gigi who is really lovely now, & way less evil.

Lane is a really badass mom to her now ten year old children (!!!). Her & Zach still tour with Hep Alien occasionally which their children claim to be really embarrassing but secretly they think it’s really really cool. 

Paris is successful af, is definitely a boss of some company or business. She might be with Doyle but not at a sacrifice to her career.

I can’t decide whether Michel would have a partner but he would for sure have more  brilliantly fluffy dogs that he loves like his own children. He’ll have threatened to leave The Dragonfly multiple times but does love it there really. 

Logan is pretty much the same, more adult now & less crazy spontaneous but not in a bad way. Understands the repercussions of his actions more

Jess has grown to be comfortable with himself & it way less tumultuous. He’s grown to be a great friend to Rory (nothing more).

Dean is waaaay less angsty & more relaxed, probably has a family of his own that he’s really happy with. He’s always been a massive romantic. 

April has a really good relationship with Luke & Lorelai & is for sure studying something scientific at a crazy good school after getting a scholarship. 

Taylor has not changed at all & still dictates the town in his lovable Taylor way. 

Kirk is still the same old Kirk. I don’t think he’s changed one bit. Maybe he’s made some more films. 
Are you hoping anything to happen? I’m so excited. The big thing I’m curious about are these supposed four final words that end the show, & have apparently been in Amy Sherman-Palladino’s mind for years. There’s a big campaign on not spoiling them too so it has to be something MAJOR. 

I’m buzzing. I know it will be excellent. 


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