2016 | fivethreeninety

This year has been, in one word: tumultuous. Brad & Angelina ended their marriage; Johnny Depp was revealed to be an abusive arsehole & Kim Kardashian as robbed at gun point. Blockbuster movies were mostly really, really bad; Marlon Brando actually raped Marie Schneider in Last Tango in Paradise & directer Bernardo Bertolucci was proud […]


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CARRIE FISHER | fivethreeninety

Two hours into my shift at work yesterday my manager came downstairs to tell my colleague & I that Carrie Fisher had died. I was heartbroken. Carrie Fisher was an absolute badass. She fought alcoholism, addiction, depression & bipolar disorder for years on top of surviving in Hollywood but she came out honest, witty, & unashamed […]

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PASSENGERS | fivethreeninety

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to get really really excited when I first heard about the year’s final blockbuster being a space drama starring Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt. I’m not really sure what I was expecting it to be like, but I can’t help but feel a little bit let down by […]

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MOANA | fivethreeninety

I have been waiting for MONTHS to be able to write this. Not only did Moana get released in the UK later than it had been in the US, but then it took weeks to get my family’s schedule’s synced up so we could see it together (we try really hard to see new Disney […]

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DISNEY & ME | fivethreeninety

Today is 115 years since Walt Disney was born – happy birthday Walt! Disney has always been a big big big part of my family. We were all raised on all the films & listened to soundtracks on every car journey, but we reached the pinnacle of our love two years ago last October, when eight […]

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