I went this entire Christmas buildup without watching a single Christmas film. 
I work a lot & have been crazy busy whenever I’m not at work, do finding time to do anything has been difficult (which also explains why my posts have been getting less frequent as of late). My family didn’t even turn on the television on Christmas Day so I really did miss out: which is how I can justify starting to watch festive films now!
The holiday may be done with for another year but here’s some films to make you feel like Christmas isn’t over quite yet:

Love Actually

This is Christmas. A film about 20 different people’s separate lives over Christmas shouldn’t be this good but it is – writer/ director Richard Curtis is incredible. It’s classic British comedy with an incredible cast & so many iconic moments (Andrew Lincoln with the placards anyone?) & the film that brought us my favourite Christmas song: Christmas is all Around by Billy Mac.


I missed the Elf hype for so many years, & when my sister & I finally saw it we were in hysterics. Will Ferrell is genius as Buddy the Elf lost in New York & Zooey Deschanel is stunning in a totally different role than those she’s famed for now. It’s as touching as it is hilarious & I love it so so much.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

I have to admit, I don’t have the huge attachment to this that so many people do. Whilst my mum was a huge fan of the original Muppets television series she never enjoyed any of their films so this just wasn’t something we ever watched at Christmas. We did watch it with friends last year though & I did enjoy it – mum’s review was “I loved it all, except for the Muppets”.

The Holiday

I first watched this in the heat of summer in Italy on a school trip back when I was fourteen but it still made me feel Christmassy, which is the sign of a great Christmas film. It’s a Christmas film about women standing up for themselves!! And there’s a really sexy Jude Law!! Can it get any better??!!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Though he’s now become more of a relatable character than a unadmirable one the Grinch will always be iconic for stealing Christmas. It’s a really cute story with an adorable baby Taylor Momsen which will fill your heart with joy, & also envy for all the hairstyles. 

Home Alone

I think this might be the best Christmas film? It’s not cheesy or romantic or scary (except to my sister who used to be traumatised over the idea of being left behind). It’s just a tiny Macauley Culkin causing havoc & defending his home & it’s INCREDIBLE. Merry Christmas you filthy animal will forever be the best Christmas greeting. 

Actual Christmas Day may be done with for another year & some of us (i.e. me) may be back to work already, but the holiday season isn’t over yet. That’s why we have the twelve days of Christmas – to catch all the festive celebrations we missed in the rush up to it. Thursday is my day off & think I might just spend it watching every single one of these films back to back.


One thought on “FILMS TO MAKE YOU FORGET THAT CHRISTMAS IS OVER | fivethreeninety

  1. Elf and home alone are my favourite ever Christmas films! I love them so much.Great post.Im trying to reach 250 followers by New Years so it would mean so much if you followed back x


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