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Two hours into my shift at work yesterday my manager came downstairs to tell my colleague & I that Carrie Fisher had died. I was heartbroken.

Carrie Fisher was an absolute badass. She fought alcoholism, addiction, depression & bipolar disorder for years on top of surviving in Hollywood but she came out honest, witty, & unashamed of her struggles. She was, & will remain an inspiration to a huge amount of people.

As Princess Leia she showed everyone that girls could be Princesses & still be feisty, that they could be beautiful as well as badass. 
In her personal life she was somehow even more of a rebel than her Star Wars persona. As a celebrity who fell victim to addictions & mental health disorders Carrie used her platform to be a huge advocate for mental health awareness, openly discussing her struggles & teaching others about it so they could understand it. She was a key player in contributing the fight to normalise mental illnesses & that has been life changing for so many people. 


Carrie slayed the literary world too. The novels, screenplays, plays & memoirs penned by her were all beloved by all & I seriously recommend you read them because they are brilliant. On top of all that she was also a relatively unknown script doctor for massive films such as Sister Act, Hook, The Empire Strikes Back, The Wedding Singer & more: here’s some of her notes scribbled on an early draft of ESB:


Of course, we cant forget her twitter. One of my favourite accounts to follow purely because you had to sit down & translate every single one of her tweets from her emoji usage. It was utterly Carrie & always brought a smile to my face.

Her love for her dog was admirable. After getting Gary in 2012 the pair were in inseparable, with Gary accompanying his “mommy” everywhere from interviews to red carpets, & even at the White House Correspondent Dinner; which is a perfect way to demonstrate Carrie’s brilliance.

She’s survived by her mother, Debbie Reynolds & her daughter Billie Lourd – both actresses I admire, & both people Carrie was immensely proud of.


After hearing the news last night my friend & I made this tribute out of blue tack on the counter at work.

Losing her is a kick in the stomach, but her legacy will live on. She was a remarkable woman, a talented actress, someone who used her voice & didnt bullsit in an industry that’s all about make believe. I will forever admire her for her quirky sense of honesty, & her truthfulness to herself. 

Carrie is best summed up by this statement from her about how she wanted her death to be announced, after a ridiculous conversation with George Lucas about her wearing underwear in space:
“I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.”

Thank you Carrie, for everything you did. It will never be forgotten.



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