LAZARUS | fivethreeninety

My mum celebrated a big birthday last November, so my sister & I wanted to get her something truly special & treat her to something that she would love. My mum is a big lover of music, & of television shows. One of her all time favourite musicians is David Bowie, & her shows Dexter; […]


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ONE YEAR | fivethreeninety

It’s been exactly one year today that I started fivethreeninety. And what a year it’s been. In the time since I’ve uploaded nine videos to my YouTube, written over a hundred posts on my blog & gained handfuls of friends along the way!  To the people who’ve supported me from the very beginning of this […]

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LA LA LAND | fivethreeninety

Its safe to say I’ve been waiting for this film for my whole entire life.   I got up & put to the first screening of la la land thus morning, with my new red hair & a yellow shirt. I have to admit, I was apprehensive. I feared that it wouldn’t live up to the […]

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