NEW YEAR NEW ME | fivethreeninety

Hey! It’s 2017! New year new me!

That phrase is overused & hated by almost everyone. To be honest I hate it a bit too, but I get what it’s meant to mean. Basically everyone sees the new year as a fresh start, & a good place to try something new or start something over; whether it be learning how to cartwheel, saying yes to more things, or giving something up.

I’m not sure what I have planned for this year but I do have some idea of what I want to do with it. I’m not sure I want to call them resolutions but there’re things I want to work on & achieve over the next twelve months to make the most out the year.

Here’s what I’m going to try to do more of in 2017:

  1. Drink More Water
    I am so bad at staying hydrated, & always have been. Every now & then I so a jump start & try to drink the actual amount of water you’re meant to but I just don’t remember to drink? I’m awful. I’m going to kick that habit this year.
  2. Read One Book a Month
    I adore reading but between crazy work hours, my evening courses, my blog & youtube & social life I find it so difficult to find the time. But this year I’m going to MAKE TIME. I wish I could read more than twelve books (& hopefully I will), but I’m setting a realistic goal so I don’t get to the end of year & cry.
  3. Watch More Films
    I have stacks upon stacks of unwatched DVDs in my house. I keep buying more & more that I want without making much progress at all in actually watching them. Also there are a TON of (hopefully) amazing new films out this year so I am excited!!
  4. Upload at Least One Video a Month
    I love making videos. It’s the main thing I wanted to do when I set out to do this whole fivethreeninety thing. But it dwindled a lot due to health issues, laptop issues & time issues. But I already have two videos lined up for the next couple of weeks so that’s a good start!
  5. Upload Two Blog Posts a Week
    My plan was, & still is for three posts a week. But unfortunately my blog can’t be my number one priority in my life so I’m going to be reasonable with myself & settle with two.
  6. Complete Physiotherapy
    I don’t often delve into my personal life online – like at all, both on fivethreeninety or on my social media. My health has been a bit rubbish the past few years, but it wasn’t until April of last year that I finally got a diagnosis. To get back on my feet fully I need to do a whole bunch of physio thats really not fun to do. I delay it even though I know that’s whats going to be get me back on my feet. This year I need to suck it up & do it.
  7. Be More Open About Me
    This relates to that last one – I was really ill, & still am. But I don’t tell anyone, & let myself take on way more than I can handle at this point in time. I need to admit that, so that I stop exhausting myself & preventing myself from actually getting better.

2016 had it’s hold ups but I’m proud of what I did manage to do. I hope I can achieve even greater this year.

What are your goals for the year ahead? Talk to me about them on twitter, or leave your comment below.


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