It was my boyfriend, Jamie’s birthday this week, & so in typical fivethreeninety fashion I’m dedicating a blog post to his favourite films.

He is a big film fan as well as me, & we spend most of our time watching as many bad films as we can on Netflix (Midnight Meat Train was terrible). We also watch a lot of good films: Her, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty & Whiplash are all favourites of ours. We’re a perfect match, what with my Netflix & his Amazon Prime.

I always think you can tell a lot about a person by their favourite films, & that’s why I love dedicating posts to my nearest & dearest in this way on their birthdays. So without further ado, here’s a handful of Jamie’s favourite films:


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Dir. John Hughes

This film is a classic for a reason, & I think it’s Jamie’s dream. It’s lighthearted, but totally unique, with Matthew Broderick perfectly cast as a kid wanting a day off from normal life to have an adventure with his friends. It’s one of the best comedies of all time that has truly stood the test of time to remain a beloved cult classic with masses of people to this day.


The Goonies
Dir. Richard Donner

Another eighties film, & another classic. Can you believe I had never seen this film before last year? The Goonies is everything I love in an eighties era film for every age; a gang of friends; a secret mission; bad guys & good guys you thought were bad guys & of course, extremely quotable lines. Hey you guys!


12 Years a Slave
Dir. Steve McQueen

This is one of those films that stuns you & moves you & changes you, but you can’t ever watch it again. Steve McQueen’s 2013 epic tale of the true story of Soloman Northup, a man born free but sold into slavery is hard hitting but undeniably powerful, & a true piece of cinema that will be regarded as one of the best for many, many years to come.


Dir. Christopher Nolan

This first time I watched this I bawled my eyes out for almost the entire duration of the film. The story is awe-inspiringly intricate, full of emotion & well thought out science, the direction & cinematography is jaw dropping & the entire cast is phenomenal.

shutter_island (3).jpg

Shutter Island
Dir. Martin Scorsese

I first watched this with someone who “didn’t get it’ & had to google an explanation to the ending, so discovering that Jamie not only ‘got it’, but loved it was great. Shutter Island is such an achievement in film making, that only gets cleverer & more intricate each time you watch it, & both Leonardo DiCaprio & Mark Ruffalo are at their greatest in these roles.

So happy birthday Jamie. I hope we’re watching films together for years to come.


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