ONE YEAR | fivethreeninety

It’s been exactly one year today that I started fivethreeninety. And what a year it’s been.

In the time since I’ve uploaded nine videos to my YouTube, written over a hundred posts on my blog & gained handfuls of friends along the way! 

To the people who’ve supported me from the very beginning of this journey; my Mum, who reads, likes & comments on every single one of my blog posts from her specially downloaded WordPress app; my sister Lucy, who watches my videos before I post them & shows all of my content promotion tweets; my boyfriend Jamie who insists on watching all of my videos with me when I post them; my godfather Graham for commenting on my videos; my main man Aaron for sharing my content & constantly hyping me up to his followers; my dear friends Ryan, Crilly, Tara, Emily, Rob & two Megan’s who have given me so much love & support for what I’m doing; & my cousin Ellie for pushing me to get back to it when I was ill & abandoned it. 

And also to the people I’ve met along the way, mostly other bloggers or video makers. Elliot, Diego, Ryan, Luke, Emily, Lee, Jason, Nathan, Dan & so many more. Each of you has welcomed what I do with open arms & I feel so close & connected to all of you, & I adore what you each do. 
I doubt I would be continuing to write without that level of support. 

I’m so excited for everything more to come on fivethreeninety. Where 2016 was me trying to discover what I was doing, 2017 will be more progressing it. I can’t wait.

I will be ever proud that I made this step – & thank you for following me while I made it!

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