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I think life sometimes throws people together just when they need each other most, & that’s exactly what happened when my best friend Rob & I met last year. 

Funnily enough he’s one of my managers, & when I was the new girl he took me under his wing & made sure I settled in okay. I don’t know where it came from, but we started a big joke about how we were best friends – neither of us actually expecting for that to actually happen.

Five months down the line, Rob is one of the best people in my life. He’s the most genuine, selfless & fun guy & I am so grateful that he calls me his best friend back.

Today is his birthday, & so to celebrate (as always), here are some of his favourite films! I didn’t write about every film he gave me (because he gave me a massive list & I wasn’t about to repeat my mum’s birthday blog post), but here’s the ones I think best sum up my best friend Rob.

500 Days of Summer

I love this film, because it’s literally just a story about a woman who is honest about what she wants from the get go & a man who suffers from Nice Guy Syndrome. It’s one of the most beautiful & original films I’ve ever seen & it has an INCREDIBLE soundtrack too.

Begin Again

First time I watched this was with my Mum, & we sat in silence totally captivated the entire way through, then bought the album off Amazon as the credits were rolling. When I found out Rob also loved it it just confirmed that we were meant to be bffs (even though he still hasn’t seen Sing Street, another film by the same guy which is excellent).

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson kind of won every award under the sun for this film & rightly so. It’s so funny & touching & just feels like a holiday to 1930s Europe – & of course everyone in it is incredible.

The Fundamentals of Caring

Netflix released this as an original film last year & it kind of shook everyone. It’s just so lovely!!! Paul Rudd & Craig Roberts on a simple little road trip when they’ve both had hard lives just makes you feel so happy.


I was so happy when Rob listed this as one of his fave films because we actually saw this together (how cute). It was so original, it was gory & it was full of badass women. Yaaasss.

The Martian

I LOVE THIS FILM. It’s one of, if not the truest book to film adaptations & both are brilliant. It’s so witty, uplifting, soul affirming & real? It really feels like it was a real event that really happened, that made the world a better place. Really, if you haven’t seen this, make it your priority to do so soon. 

How to Be Single

Some people were really mouthy about how different this film was compared to what it was advertised as but oh my god I was so happy!! It wasn’t so much the crazy raunchy comedy it was marketed to be, instead a really amazing story about loving yourself just on your own & I am so HERE FOR IT.

Now You See Me (1&2)

It took me AGES to get round to seeing this but it was so much better than I could have expected – my only problem with the sequel is that they didn’t name it Now You Don’t.

La La Land

This is only a recent addition to both mine & Rob’s lists but it’s going to stay up there for a long long time. We are constantly sending each other screenshots of us listening to the soundtrack or snap chatting us singing along – on Monday we’re going to see a screening in an Odeon isense as a birthday treat.

Other films Rob loves:
Batman vs Superman


Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Duff

Swiss Army Man

Iron Man

400 Days

Shutter Island

Ex Machina

The Nice guys

So happy birthday Rob!! I hope you have the best ever day & I can’t wait to celebrate with you in a couple of days time!


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