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We’ve all had those times in our lives where things aren’t great or things are changing, & it can be very easy to forget about looking after yourself.

For those who read my last post you’ll know I’m having to make some big life adjustments at the moment, & you’ll be pleased to know that I’m looking after myself in the best possible way – by watching a LOT of films.

Here is my definitive list of self care films; whether they be funny, emotional, lovely or just a bit neutral. These are the films that never fail to make me feel good about myself, & that I hope could help you in a time where you’re feeling a little low.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Dir. Ben Stiller


Walter Mitty is about stepping outside of your comfort zone & living your life to the fullest, in an unprecedented & free of pressure way. It’s about allowing yourself to just live, & not let you hold yourself back. I love it.

Hot Fuzz
Dir. Edgar Wright


This film is sort of similar to the Walter Mitty one in the idea that main character Nicholas Angel has to step outside of his comfort zone, massively. It’s not by his choice but he has to change his entire life & at first he is unhappy & lost until he finds what he’s meant to do there. Also it’s hilarious.

Dir. Alejandro González


Birdman isn’t so much a distraction or an inspiring film, it’s more of a self affirming one. Main character Reegan is struggling, but it’s validated & it’s okay. Same with his daughter, played by Emma Stone, who’s just got back from rehab. They don’t address each others struggles constantly & they don’t deal with it brilliantly but they do have silent support for each other, & they’re not ashamed of it. I think that’s important.

Dir. Jean-Marc Vallee


The book this film was based on was life changing when I read it. It’s the true story of Cheryl Strayed, a woman who, after a heroin addiction & an unfaithful marriage that ended in divorce decides to trek the Pacific Crest Trail, & it’s incredible. It’s about taking a big jump to restarting the discovery of who you are, & testing yourself. I want to hike the PCT.

Girl, Interrupted
Dir. James Mangold


Girl, Interrupted is about a young woman Susan who’s admitted to a private mental hospital in the 1960s, & the people she meets while she’s there. It’s incredible to see all these patients, scarred in mental & physical ways are all amazing women who tell their own story & live together under the care of the nurses, & see people as survivors not victims.

Billy Elliot
Dir. Stephen Daldry


If you don’t know the story of Billy Elliot, change that soon. Watch the film, see the musical, please just watch it because I think it’s one of the most important films of the last twenty years. It’s about defying the norm & living how you want to live, no matter how badly others may react to that.

Dead Poets Society
Dir. Peter Weir


This will forever be one of the most gracefully inspirational films of all time. Robin Williams plays John Keating, an English teacher who goes above & behind to inspire his students to “seize the day”, & look at life in a different way. He is the most wonderful man & it really is the most wonderful, life altering & soul affirming film.

“You must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Don’t be resigned to that. Break out!”

The Breakfast Club
Dir. John Hughes


The Breakfast Club is iconic for good reason. Five students from very different walks of life meet & get to know each other in detention one day, & discover they’re not all that different after all. It’s a reminder that you can never judge someone by how you perceive them, & that not everybody’s lives can be perfect – & that you can find friendship & solidarity in the most unexpected places.

Those are some of my favourite self care films. Are there any films that you watch to give you strength? Tweet me & let me know.

And before I finish, a quick thank you to everyone who’s given support since my last post.


2 thoughts on “SELF CARE FILMS | fivethreeninety

  1. I had no idea Stiller directed Walter Mitty, I just remember seeing the adverts for it and desperately wanting to see it but I never got round to it, I really should do at some point. I’m so happy to see TBC and Dead Poet’s on here. Both excellent and lovely films and seeing Robin Williams in any form now just breaks my heart, especially this one. Also, Hot Fuzz was on the tele the other night and it was the first time I’d seen it the whole way through – I absolutely loved it! Hope you feel better soon, I’m sure these films will aid in that!

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