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Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the UK & I think we do some celebrating.

Mothers are the most incredible people in the world I think. But it’s important to also acknowledge that Mother’s Day is different for everyone. Some may no longer have their mothers with them; some may have had awful mothers; some may have lost their children & some may be people desperately wanting to be a mother. We need to remember that, & that mother figures come in all shapes, sizes & forms regardless of blood or relation.

Last year I honoured the day by counting down my favourite mum’s from television, & even got my number one placer Kristine Sutherland (who played Joyce in Buffy) to read it:

This year I’m moving onto film Mum’s, which is already proving to be a lot more powerful.

Here’s my best of the best of Mothers in film:

Glenn Close

Kala is I think my favourite Disney mother. She’s beautiful. After losing her own child, she takes in another of a different species & loves him no differently & more than anything – even if her partner (& leader of their group might I add) never approves. When with time Tarzan begins to struggle with being different, Kala makes him realise he is one with her, even if he may not look it. And when she realises it’s time he knows his true heritage she encourages him even though it breaks her heart. I love Kala so so much.

Molly Weasley
Julie Walters
Harry Potter


Molly is an incredible mother which is a pretty good thing as she has seven of them. Not only does she love & care for all her children but she takes in one of her son’s best friend & treats him as a son too. Though they have no money & no space, she never hesitates to treat Harry like one of the family. She gifted him with his first Weasley Christmas jumper for his first Christmas at Hogwarts, when he’d only know Ron for three months.
She seems unassuming at first, but she is fierce when it comes to protecting her children – “Not my daughter you bitch!”. Do I really need to say more?

Brie Larson

Ma is the representative for the lengths mothers will go to the protect their child & Brie Larson’s award winning performance will break your heart & fix it all at once. The whole story is told from the perspective of Jack, to the extent where we never know Ma’s real name (in the book at least). Jack has lived his entire life in a shed that his mother has been held captive in for longer than he’s been alive. For the first five years of his life he thinks this is all there is to the world – his mother not wanting him to think he’s missing out on a real life. It isn’t until she tells him the truth & plans an escape that he learns about how much there is to the world outside of Room, & Ma, whilst obviously struggling, loves him with her entire being.

Janelle Monáe


Teresa is the only positive female role model in main character Chiron’s life for a very long time. His own mother is abusive to both her son & herself & Teresa is the one who shows him what a mother’s love can actually be. Throughout Chiron’s life she remains a person he can go to whenever he needs for whatever reason, & she always welcomes him with open arms.

Sue Brierley
Nicole Kidman

The most incredible thing about Sue is that she is a real woman who did this in real life. She adopted this poor lost boy Saroo & raised him with love & happiness, & later supports & understands his need to discover his old life. She is also an amazing mother to her other son Mantosh, who is so different to Saroo. She loves him just as much & never gives up hope in him. She absolutely lives for her children.

Dr. Louise Banks
Amy Adams


I don’t know how much I can say without spoiling the film here but Louise is awe inspiring. She raises her child to be inquisitive & kind, always knowing how it will turn out. If you’ve seen the film you know why Louise deserves to be on this list.

Aibileen Clark
Viola Davis
The Help


Aibileen is a maid raising Mae Mobley, the daughter of a white couple she works for. While it’s her job to care for the young girl she cares for her on a much deeper scale, constantly reassuring her that she is kind, she is smart & that she is important – something she wishes she could still say to her own son who passed away. Mae’s own mother is suffering from postpartum depression & physically & verbally abuses her daughter, & so Aibileen does all she can to inspire hope into the child. Mae, though tiny, knows this:  “You my real mama, Aibi.”

Donna Sheridan
Meryl Streep
Mamma Mia!

Donna is the cool mum everybody wants (& I think I got really close with mine). The whole story of Mamma Mia! revolves around Sophie, Donna’s daughter, trying to discover who she is by finding out who her father is. It’s a little cheesy, but it turns out all along she didn’t need that, because all she needed was her amazing mother. Donna is free spirited & self made, loving & always puts her daughter first. She hasn’t let anything stop her though many things have been challenging in her life, but even when Sophie is getting married aged twenty she gives her unconditional support.

Mum’s are amazing. I am constantly in awe of them & love mine to absolute bits. She has my back above all, & likes every single one of my blog posts.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.


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