MY DAD IN FILMS | fivethreeninety

It’s my Dad’s birthday.
It was my Dad who took me to the cinema for the first time (102 Dalmatians) & it’s my Dad who even now spends his time giving me film recommendations & buying me DVDs – he’s a sucker for HMV’s 5 for £20 deal too. 

Here’s a handful of films my Dad loves, that best sum up him as a person.

Nowhere Boy

This film is top of the list because if you are ever to meet my Dad, the first thing he will tell you is that he saw The Beatles in the church hall on the end of his road in Liverpool back when they were just starting out. My father is a fiercely proud scouser & the ‘local band’ is the pride of his life. John Lennon is his hero so this film is one of his all time favourites. 


My father lives for music. His prize possession is his hand built CD shelf groaning under the weight of his years of collecting that’s width spans the length of one wall at his place. So a film about music, & the pure passion for it would very obviously resonate with him.

Night at the Museum

I’d be surprised if you’re reading this & still unaware of my obsession with this film, & it was my Dad that took my sister & I to see it in the cinema all those years ago. Like us, he found it brilliant, & it’s something we still all watch together to this day.

Paranormal Activity

My Dad has lived a life, a mad one at that, & in that life he’s worked in centuries old cathedrals & universities where he is sure he witnessed some kind of real paranormal activity. He thinks this film is brilliantly clever & suspenseful just as I do.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

My father is a very complex man. Complex to the point that he is the biggest spongebob fan I have ever met. His favourite character is Squidward & once, he laughed so hard at one of his one liners that we genuinely thought he was having a stroke. 

The C Word

My Dad was diagnosed with cancer back at the start of 2015, & though it’s not causing damage today it’s still something he lives with. This is the truest adaptation of what living with cancer is like that he’s ever seen, & he is absolute awe of Sheridan Smith still. 

I think this list gives you a pretty good idea of what my Dad is like. 

Happy birthday Daddio, from your Maddio. Be seeing you very soon.


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