It’s day two of my May Movie Challenge, & today I’m talking about the last film I watched:
What We Do In the Shadows
My GOD I love this film. I watched it for the second time last night & I don’t know why I waited so long to see it again because it’s fucking genius. 

It’s a mockumentary about four vampires living in a house together in New Zealand. No, really. 

A camera crew follows them around (under protection from crucifix’s etc) for a few months & follows them & their lives as vampires in the modern world; their lives; their victims, friends & enemies. It’s stupidly hilarious & also beautifully touching at times. 

There’s Viago who is just the sweetest most adorable vampire you’ve ever seen. He moved to New Zealand for love years ago & is the type of guy who tries to give a lady a really lovely evening before he drains her blood. Taika Waititi is actually extraordinary as him – & yes, that’s the same Taika Waititi who brought you Hunt For the Wilderpeople.

Vladislav is a once immensely powerful vampire once known as Vlad the Poker (yes). He’s a charmer & kind of in denial about how his powers have degraded over time which leads to a lot of stupidly funny moments. Jemaine Clement is genius.

Deacon is…. how do you describe him? He’s terrible. He was a Nazi Vampire. For fun. Oh my god he’s so bad you have to laugh. He’s also the laziest guy ever & pretty much thinks he’s God. He’s like Dennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, if he was hundreds of years old & could never die.

Then there’s Petyr. He’s 8000 years old & not going to lie, he scares me (as well as the other vampires) a lot. It’s just so funny that he just lives in the downstairs room of this house with these other guys.

There’s a whole bunch of other characters too from new vampires to familiars to werewolves to even Stu from IT. 

Though a script was written by the brilliant minds of Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi, the majority of the film is improv, with actors not knowing what was going to happen next. It’s a combination of shadowing the group & talking head interviews with them, both of which are hilarious.

I don’t know what else I can say without spoiling  it except please, please watch it. You will love it. Or think it’s completely stupid & weird but if you’re a friend of me, you’ll probably think the first.
It’s brilliant. And it’s on Netflix, so go watch it now. 


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