I’m sorry, I really can’t not. My favourite action/ adventure movie is Night at the Museum.

I could talk FOREVER about my adoration for this film, totally genuinely. It’s the perfect film for all ages; there’s a solid story; characters with wonderful relationships; magic; history; an amazing cast & a brilliant soundtrack.

It’s about Larry Daley, a divorced father trying to find a stable job so that he can be more present in his son’s life. He ends up as a night guard at the New York Museum of Natural History where he soon discovers, not all is as it seems outside of business hours. And on top of all that, there’s Mickey Rooney & Dick Van Dyke. Oh my GOD I’m getting so excited just writing about it.

I saw this film in theatres with my sister back in 2006 & loved it. It quickly became a favourite of ours & we would watch it quite often, but it wasn’t until the eve of my sixteenth birthday that it became such a huge part of our lives – we were having a sleepover & were quoting so many lines from the film that my little sister had to run to the bathroom because she thought she was going to throw up from laughing so hard. 

We’re saved in each other’s phone’s as Gus & Cecil (Rooney & Van Dyke’s characters), own over ten copies of the DVD between us, & have seriously considered getting matching tattoos. I even received not one, but two Night at the Museum birthday cakes for my eighteenth. 

Back to the film: it’s also seriously worth celebrating for how accurately cast it is. Hollywood shouldn’t really be praised for casting actors of correct ethnicities in roles for their films but it is such a rarity that roles aren’t whitewashed – & there isn’t a trace of that in NATM at all. Ahkmenrah is played by the dreamy & of Egyptian descent Rami Malek & Sacajawea is Native American Mizuo Peck.

The rest of the cast are stunning as well (obviously). It’s Ben Stiller in the lead with Hollywood legends surrounding him – Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, Ricky Jervais, Crystal the Monkey even a tiny role for Paul Rudd. But it’s Robin Williams who steals the show as a really wonderful Teddy Roosevelt. 

Downside is that there aren’t many female characters, but it still just about manages to scrape by passing the Bechdel Test.

It does actually teach you things (I know for a fact I would have lost more rounds of Articulate if I didn’t know that Atilla the Hun was fascinated by sorcery). 

All in all it can’t get much better. You want action? This film has it. Adventure? Yes. Comedy? Yup. Heartwarming scenes? Yes again.

It’s the most perfect film. 



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