It should be noted that I watch a LOT of horror films. All genre’s, all types, however amazing or stupid they are. But I’m choosing this as my favourite:

As Above So Below

It is a horror yes, but a mystery/ thriller kind that’s so clever & intricate to really flesh it out into an amazing film. It’s so engaging, so pulse racing & so scary at times – all in all it’s a really, really good horror that also won’t traumatise you. 
It follows a young archaeologist in her mission to uncover the secret of where the philosopher’s stone is buried. It’s a risky mission carried out by a team of twenty something’s & a camera guy that in true horror style, doesn’t go quite as planned. 

It’s filmed on location in the Paris catacombs which makes it so, so real. It’s the first film to do so & the tiny enclosed spaces lined & littered with human jones makes it the ultimate horror movie setting. It is a found footage film as well so having this amazing setting looking so real just further enforces the idea of how tangible & how terrifyingly true this is. 

It’s so un-gimmicky & un-forced, just feels really passionate & natural. 

Can we talk about the main character please? I hate to say goals, but really she is goals. 

Scarlett is the reason the story happens, & the leader of the group throughout the whole thing. A lot of people say she’s too contrived, as a successful woman fluent in multiple languages with multiple PhD’s under her belt before thirty but seriously – all guys are like that in film already I’m loving that it happened to a woman finally. I’m kind of in love with her.

The other characters are really great whilst also fitting the horror movie survival group cliché – there’s the reluctant one who caves last minute, the one who’s cocky at the start then slowly starts to lose it & of course the one who has a complete freak out at an inappropriate time. Half of these are also French actors, which shouldn’t be massive considering the film is set in France but we all know it’s far too often we see a film set in a country & never see an actor from there.

The thing that makes this movie brilliant is how seamlessly the two genre’s of horror & historical mystery have been merged together. It’s about problem solving from real legends & real myths, that makes it real scary.

It’s unlike any other horror I’ve seen, which is what makes it the stand out. Do yourself a favour & watch it (just not on your own).


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