I won’t lie, today’s theme stressed me out a little. Because ‘drama’ is such a broad genre & there are SO MANY FILMS. 

But I’m settling on Whiplash. 

It’s about an aspiring drummer starting at a notoriously cut-throat music school & the even more notorious tutor who works there & begins to train him. Miles Teller is the drummer & J.K Simmons the tutor – & it’s written & directed by Damien Chazelle.

This film is incredible. Completely awe-inspiring, jaw dropping, on the edge of your seat just staring at it. It’s one of the most engaging films I’ve ever seen. 
Unpopular opinion, I think Whiplash is a better film than La La Land. I LOVE La La Land & definitely have more of a sentimental attachment to it but Whiplash is just stunningly made.

The story is so simple, & the beauty comes from how brilliantly it’s fleshed out & executed. 
You are completely with Andrew every step of the way, totally routing for him. Miles Teller is at his best, actually drumming himself (amazingly) & giving it his absolute all. And then J.K Simmons – my god. He deserved every inch of that Supporting Actor Oscar. He is downright terrifying. Incredible.

The ending sequence though, is jaw dropping. It’s long & intense & you really can’t help but be in total awe – it is an unforgettable cinematic moment. 

I honestly find it hard to find flaw with it. The only thing that stands out is that there’s like one female character (played by Supergirl herself Melissa Benoist), but then again the story is kind of about masculine pride so I can get it. 
The thing about it is that so many people can relate even though it’s a niché story. You don’t have to be an inspiration drummer to relate to the story, or even a musician. It’s about wanting something so so badly, going through the stages of hope, doubt, determination & resilience. It’s so real, brutally so, but it makes you want to work. 

This film is stunning. Damien Chazelle is a genius & this is only a piece of his legacy. 

Watch Whiplash. You won’t regret it.


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