Undoubtedly, today has to go to Hot Fuzz. 

It’s SO funny, SO clever & just SO perfect in every way – but that’s obvious when it comes from the dream team of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, & it’s the second installment to their unofficial “cornetto” trilogy.

It’s about Nicholas Angel, a superb police officer in London who’s finally been given the promotion to Sergeant – in a tiny village in the country. Everything in the picturesque Sandford seems bland & dull (except for his new found friend Danny), but Nicholas slowly uncovers a big fat conspiracy lurking underneath the Village of the Year. 

It is such an original story, that’s funny & dark & intriguing & just so quintessentially British in its comedy. It really is hilarious.

The fact that it was filmed in the city of Wells, where my aunt lives & basically my second home just makes it even more special; where the Romeo & Juliet production takes place? Where my cousin’s comedy festival takes place every year. The fountain Simon Pegg throws a coin into? Where I still make wishes into this day. Where the car accident is? Where I had my first driving lesson. 
My aunt’s even in the film – as the local girl guide leader she was asked to represent the ‘Sandford’ girl guides in the church fete scene. You can just about spot her stood in front of Micheal the yarp guy when they’re doing the tombola, & she even has a whole solo shot in one of the special features. 

The cast are just amazing. Obviously we’ve got dynamic duo Pegg & Frost at the front, but there’s also Paddy Considine, Rafe Spall, Olivia Coleman, Bill Bailey, Bill Nighy & more as well as some absolute legends like Jim Broadbent & Timothy Dalton. There’s even an uncredited appearance from Cate Blanchett, who was desperate to be involved in a film by the same guys as Shaun of the Dead (which she loved). 

I do think this is one of the best films that’s ever been made, truly.

It will always & forever be so close to my heart, a) for being such a brilliant film so obviously full of passion & b) for preserving my childhood home.
Watch this. 


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