This film does make me happy yes, but that kind of happy where you’re just lying down & crying. 
It’s Little Miss Sunshine.

So happy. I love this film. If you know me you know that.

It’s about the dysfunctional Hoover family, & their mission to get their young daughter Olive across the country in their old yellow camper van so she can participate in the beauty pageant of her dreams, Little Miss Sunshine. 

It is an obvious farce of child beauty pageants, that’s for sure. Seeing this amazing, real little girl right in the centre of all the fake tan, false eyelashes, pressuring mothers & ridiculous dance routines is so perfect – you just immediately love her so much, with her little pudgy tummy & big old glasses. 

It’s one of the most unlikely casts (especially at the time) but they are phenomenal. Toni Collette & Greg Kinnear are perfect as the imperfect parents; Steve Carell is jaw dropping as a suicide attempt recovering Uncle; Paul Dano as the depressive older brother on a vow of silence will remain one of my favourite characters for all time; Alan Arkin is BRILLIANT as the drug addict Grandpa kicked out the carehome in his role that won him an Academy Award; & at the heart of it all is a baby Abigail Breslin, who is nothing but endearing & heartwarming as this little girl with a dream.


It’s cliche but it’s about a family becoming closer through their differences over the course of a journey. All their own lives are falling apart or in an utter mess, & somehow they all come together to make one thing happen for the youngest & most innocent of them all. 

Also I haven’t even mentioned how wonderfully funny it is all the way through. It’s such a clever type of comedy that touches you as much as it makes you laugh & cheesy as it sounds, it fills your heart with joy. 

The soundtrack as well, needs a lot of notice. The score is so, so beautiful, so much so that it makes you cry just on its own (at least that’s the case for my sister & I). 

You will laugh a lot, you will cry a little bit, & by the end of it you will feel so happy. 


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