My real answer to this is Night at the Museum, but I’ve already used that as a day in this challenge & I don’t want this to get repetitive. But it wasn’t hard to think of the next best.

The Cat in the Hat 

Okay okay hear me out. I actually love this film. It is TERRIBLE – but you know how kids films always have a couple of adult humour jokes slotted in so parents enjoy the film as well? The Cat in the Hat is entirely that.
We all know the classic Dr Seuss story – two kids are bored at home when this fantastical cat wearing a hat comes along & shows them how to have fun while their mother is out.

It’s a charming story that’s close to everyone’s hearts, so why they decided to take this direction with the film I will never understand but will be eternally grateful for.

From the musically numbers to plugging Universal Studios, it’s an absolute marvel that this film was even made with this script but I’m so happy it was.

“I’m uncomfortable with the term dog, but I’ll happily hold your American Canine” is the best line that’s ever been written. 

Give this film a shot. 


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