I think today is going to have to be the first tie in this challenge – I’m torn between Joss Whedon & Denis Villeneuve.

Whedon is my all time favourite (though notably more for television & indie projects) whilst Villeneuve is a newer favourite, but I love both of their minds & how they work.

The attention to detail & the passion they pour into their work is more than noticeable, it’s tangible. The performances that they can pull out of their actors in the tiny, tiny details is amazing.

They’re also both exceptional at helping bring to leave some amazing female characters that inspire me greatly. Emily Blunt in Sicario, Amy Adams in Arrival, Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy. 

Joss Whedon is amazing at creating a believable world in his work. And Denis Villeneuve is outstanding at creating a stunningly unforgettable atmosphere that lasts the duration of the entire film.

Watch their work, you won’t be disappointed.


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