This is not only my favourite childhood film, but my first memory of ever desperately wanting to see a film.

It’s Disney’s Dinosaur.

Not to be confused with The Good Dinosaur from 2015, 2000’s Dinosaur is seriously one of the most gorgeous, wonderful, hope inspiring & magical family films ever made. And it’s about DINOSAURS.
This film man, this film. I’m still obsessed to this day. I have a really clear memory of seeing the trailer in the cinema, probably at my first time ever at the cinema. You can watch the trailer on YouTube, but it’s basically the first couple of minutes from the film – no speaking, just action packed with that amazing animation. I was HOOKED. Dinosaur is also the only merch I ever got as a kid, a little grey hoody with a print of the villainous Carnotaur on the front that the other kids at playschool used to tease me for because it was boys clothes. Refusing to conform to gender roles since day one me. 

It’s about Aladar the Iguanodon, who was raised by lemurs not knowing any other dinosaurs his whole life. Then, a meteor hits earth, & takes down his home & everything he knows with it. With his adoptive family on his back, he treks out to survive, & on the way finally meets others of his kind.

The lemur family are excellent too – there’s grumpy old man Yarr, loving mother Plio, kooky Zini & adorable little Suri (who’s voiced by a baby Hayden Panettiere by the way).

It’s actually a really moving story at times! It’s ultimately about survival & family & discovering who you are – the bit when he first sees other dinosaurs & he’s just stood their in awe watching, oh my god it makes me tear up. It’s an intense plot line that shouldn’t be too overbearing for children – probably more tense watching as an adult in all honesty.

Of course it’s a great movie because it teaches kids about dinosaurs & these events that happened millions of years ago. To this day I can tell you more dinosaur species than I can elements on the periodic table. 

The story is great, the music is gorgeous but it’s the animation that really knocks it out the park. It’s computer generated but set against real filmed locations in the most magical places that just makes it seem so real. 

If you haven’t seen this movie, change that as soon as possible. It’s the most underrated Disney that is breathtaking for it’s time & will always have a very special place in my heart.



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