Though I have no recollection of this (being so tiny & all), my dad is very certain that this is the first film I ever 

The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle

Dude. This film.

My dad took me along to funnily enough, the cinema where I now work, to see my first film on the big screen back in 2000 My younger sister was too little & I’m sure I felt very special about being the one to go see the film. 

It’s not hard to believe my Dad when he says I laughed my head off all the way through, because honestly I still do watching this film. As a kid I especially liked the bit when they get steamrollered down on the road.

Piper Perabo is brilliant as Agent Karen Sympathy, a plucky young FBI agent sent to save the day after all else have failed. She’s so lovely & it’s because of this role that I always smile when I see her in anything.

It took me ages to make the connection that Fearless Leader was in fact Robert De Niro, but he really is brilliant. 

There’s also cameos from John Goodman, Kenan Thompson, & even legend Whoopi Goldberg (her character is literally called Judge Cameo).

My favourite character by far has to be Ole the prison security guard who falls for Karen (long story as to why she’s in there). He is so SILLY & I just LOVE him. 

It is just so silly. There’s so many more mature jokes in there too which makes it brilliant to watch now, & I will always be a sucker for blended animation & live action films. 

It’s funny because of how stupid it is, & how aware the film is of it being stupid – that’s where it’s brilliance is.


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